Friday, November 18, 2016

MTB w/Style & True Balance

This Video Just Blew My Mind!! Horsethief is in my back yard and I defiantly CAN NOT descend this rock garden. This Guy CLIMBS it and then makes the ride down look effortless.

Copy and Paste in YOUTUBE if it isn't linked up.

Training: Solid week in the gym. Feel really good about where I am and miles on the Dreadmill. Basically, found myself listening to my own body and reassessed the days schedule. My hips felt tight on Tuesday so I backed off a "medium" pace day and took it easy. No pulls, tears, or WHY DID I DO THAT horsesh*t. That definitely made a difference and I didn't notice how good I felt until after spin class and while warming up on the Dreadmill. Stoked With Myself.

MON- 4.45 miles Chest/Tri
Tues - 3.37 miles Back/Bi
Wed - 45min spin class, 3.98 miles, and Shoulders
Thurs - No Gym/Rest
Fri - At least 5 miles and Back only
Sat - Easy 3 miles and Arms only

Push Ups - 300
Squats  - 425
Crunches - 450
( Mon-Thursday with Friday and weekend to be accounted for still )
Missed Tuesday PM walk with the Boy Dog but all mornings were met with happy paws

Ortho: Another really good week in the office as well. Started working with an expecting mother and feeling comfortable with meeting her in her model of the world. Helped an elderly gent with some knee issues. A few tune ups with some regular clients. Actually, its hard to believe that it is already Friday.

Looking forward to Portland and the Ortho conference. Found an every Saturday farmers market, an every Monday market, and found a bike shop that offers $20 day rentals. SCORE!

Goals: Deep cleaning at the OM House, editing some movies for my next radio show, meeting my daily numbers of Squats, Push Ups, and Crunches. MAD Racing has another cyclocross race on Sunday Nov 20th and the weather should be perfect. Also, I wanna start a new style of time lapse videos. I have some some ideas in my head so will experiment this weekend.

Overall, I am feeling really good and I sure do enjoy calling Colorado home. It was beautiful day yesterday and the Boy Dog didn't miss a meal. Have A Wonderful Weekend