Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Amazing Trails!!

The Grand Valley offers over 10,000 miles of trails. Think about that??? 10,000 miles of off road beauty. Click On These Photos And Picture Yourself Surrounded By Silence

In any direction, The Boy Dog and I can simply GO. Our Colorado Governor dedicated May 20th 2017 as Colorado Public Lands Day. Governor John Hickenlooper addressed a number of us during the Off-Road Endurance Race and delivered a brilliant speech. Many of us chatted about his inspiring words of honoring our public lands afterwards. It was so nice to connect with fellow man again

I am bringing this up because I have been thinking a lot about our trails, our water, our freedom, and ways of educating our youth. We all know that our youth is our future!! We know this. The youth will be the answer to cleaning up trash, i.e. NOT THROWING AWAY TRASH and packing it out. Educating the youth is my answer anyway. Thats the easiest ways of curing diabetes, eliminating obesity, and empowering ones soul. Wish Me Luck

My legs felt really good this month. The calf issue has gone away, my gluts are much stronger ( balanced ), and absolutely no new problems have surfaced. Todays Strava update will put me over 300 miles for the month and somewhere along that line I posted 3 new personal records. Righteous

I am totally looking forward to the month of June. The month starts off with the Palisade Grand Fondo this Saturday. Then, the crazy down hill enduro on Sunday. This is a 3 Stage race on Sunday June the 4th. Our Grand Valley will explode with excitement, will fill with tourist, and breathe life again. I am so fired up right now. I am about to lace up and take the Boy Dog out for a site inspection today. We are hiking all three stages and checking for that elusive perfect line.


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