Friday, June 2, 2017

Its Junior College World Series Time

I so thrive on watching 18-21 year olds blasting the ball out of the park!! These kids are amazingly talented and the weather has been perfect for baseball.

Little History of Former JUCO players that made it to the Big Show; Bryce Harper ( Nationals ), Trevor Rosenthal ( Cardinals ), Brandon Belt ( Giants ), Adam LaRoche ( Braves ), Curt Shilling ( Orioles ), and the ever so loved Kirby Puckett ( Twins ).

JUCO is held right here in my backyard every year and brings in folks from CA, TX, FL, AL, UT, MO and TN.

Just to name a few states. These games are beyond exciting and almost every game posts double digit final scores. A few mercy rules came into play. And these kids are so fast that Triples are not uncommon.

I grab a pass every year which makes it so much easier to come and go and catch some of the action. I passed on most of the high noon games to dodge the heat. Sat, Sun, and Monday of Memorial weekend offers 4 games a day. And you ARE allowed to bring in your own food, snacks and NON alcohol beverages. The Dude & I consumed a full bag of peanuts that he brought in.

Its a double elimination tournament so every team is guaranteed two games. The fans/family members are passionate as all get out and have different traditions that are quite entertaining.

One group created a game that was addicting as all get out. The outfield fence is covered with sponsors. So everyone ( small group of us ) picked three sponsor signs and when the ball is hit to OR over that sign, you collect one point. Damn It Was Fun!!

Tonight is the Championship game between San Jacinto ( TX ) vs Chipola ( FL ) at 7:05pm. San Jac just so happens to be the defending Champions. Should be a pretty good games as both teams posted only ONE error all week long. A solid Defense wins Super Bowls, Tennis Opens, And World Series Titles.

One ... Two ... Three ... Take Me Out To The Ball ....



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    1. GZ, its way awesome brother. San Jac ( TX ) went into Friday's game undefeated and the defending champions. They lost to Chipola ( FL ) that night in front of 11,000 fans. Game two went to FL again 15-6. Chipola Florida becomes the JR College World Series Champions of 2017!! Apparently Friday's game was quite exciting and could have gone ether way as Saturday Chipola handled business from the get go.

      Thanx for checking in GZ and I always appreciate your write ups and photos from your travels. Have A Gr8 Week!!


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