Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tripendicular Ending of the Week

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were pretty damn awesome because of the fluidity of merging plans. A damn good friend of mine, many call Hippie Jim, I refer to him as YellowOrangeBluePurple on air, had is own agenda and me with mine.

Mr Jim drove out from California ( doesn't everyone simply say Bay Area ) on Thursday. His final  destination is Denver before returning back to CA. I am always so thankful when he takes time out of his busy schedule to accommodate me and patiently/politely listened to my stories.

After "a" brew, he jumped on my commuter bike and headed for the downtown library as The Blue Z was performing a magic show for the kids. Those shows are flipping fantastic, just so you know. 

I rolled out on the Midnight Racer towards KAFM community radio station. YOU CAN listen to that show until the end of the month by clinking on the RADIOFREEAMERICA link. It's located on the right side of that web link.

Then, folks began arriving to the station to hang with Mr Jim just after 7:00pm. Hints: The Time Lapse Video. I look to be on the phone a lot and even Janet ( every other Wed at 3pm ) made a comment about the amount of phone calls. I think you 'll wanna have a listen and hear why everyone took the time to call. 

The end of that night, which included just "A" brew, that morphed into late evening story sessions. Where did you spend New Years, irrigation projects, upcoming Country Jam, and/or other wonderful moments in time were shared and accompanied with tons of laughter. " Are You Kidding" quotes flowed like the brew in a freezer frosty pint glass. Thanx Mr Jim

Friday morning came way early. Like Phuc Me early. The house was emptied out for two dogs to catch up on sleep by 7:45am and they totally crashed out. I definitely do not recall falling asleep by 8:00pm that night. Blur

Today was a date with Bangs Canyon!! Editing time lapse and photos tomorrow after work. Like I said before, Rockin' Last Few Days. Legs feel loose, shoulders pulled with power, and coordination/reflex abilities are clearly sharpening. This next week is forecasted for incredibly high and dry windy conditions which will create some interesting situations. Adventure On


  1. You do have a full and fun time Padre ☺ I did enjoy the video, you have time-lapse pretty well down now.. btw the tree lopping last post, very impressive! No luck in Oz with the radio link unfortunately!

    1. Thanx for taking the time to watch my videos. I sure do appreciate that. To clarify with ya, are you talking about the live stream or the archived show??

      I am more than happy to walk you through the process. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day Weekend!! Big Hugs