Friday, May 5, 2017

Rolling Into May

Excellent week in the gym and added more weight to a few exercises. Shoulder press with dumbbells comes to mind, bicep preacher curls as well. But the Great News out of the gym world, they asked me to host another Ortho-Bionomy similar, which will happen on the 16th of May. SCORE and much Gratitude 

And This Moment In Time ..... Brilliant!! While I was foam rolling, The Boy Dog created this postcard perfect situation for a selfie. Look at those paws!! Can you say READY

The Boy Dog is always ready and knows my patterns and habits like nobodies business. If I begin to fill a bladder, out the doggie door he goes. If I put on my No Excuse Loop shoes, he is out the doggie door. If I open the utility drawer to find a lighter for the BBQ, out the doggie door he goes.

He is always ready and never complains. He has been rototilling the garden area for me and he so cracks me up. The other day, he watched me, he watched my every move, THEN, my hand trowel struck gold. I dug out an "old" soup bone that he had be patiently waiting for. He gently used his teeth to snatch away this treasure and worked that bone over for the rest of the evening while I transplanted veggies. Classic

I would really appreciate your feed back here!! Please, Comment as I will value your opinion. This is my first attempt and I would like to improve on this. My first thought, I would like more of a 3D effect rather then the two dimensional feel it has right now.

Been focusing on rolling my hips while I hike, walk, or run. Doing my best to find some fluidity in my ROM and working on strengthening my glutes. I have noticed the addition of power in my hammies while I was on the Midnight Racer but I know my glutes are a little weak or just not in balance yet.

I do like the step ups and have added them to my in-B-tween sets at the gym. I used to only "think" quads but now my attention has shifted towards glute and calf awareness and the whole functional unit. Does that even make sense??? The core exercises have totally made a difference.

Radio Show - hosting the Magic Carpet Ride in about two weeks time
Ortho-Bionomy - Preparing a demo for Crossroads Gym with new material
Starting Up In LLC - Logo, LLC, and sending the info to MAD Racing
3 Days On 1 Day Off - Heavy weight days with rest, road rides on "day off" , and more free time to hike with the Boy Dog. Will be heading up to higher elevation soon.

Here is my short video from the Fruita Fat Tire Festival. Notice whats missing??? Phuc-N People. Where the hell is everyone??? Makes me nervous about the up coming Off-Road Endurance Race. Tonight at Midnight .... 18 Hours Of Fruita ... Let's Rock ... Let's Ride



  1. You have to be the most goal oriented person ever Padre :)My goal is to lose five kilos, preferably in a week :) write a couple of book reviews long overdue, re-claim my garden before it claims me and that's just the tip of the iceberg :) Enjoy the off-road endurance race.. phew! that made me tired just typing it :)

  2. Awe, The Garden, I know that feeling of being completely overwhelmed. The good news is it's awful rewarding once you start. Big Hugs Perth & Many Thanx