Thursday, May 18, 2017

Quick Mid Month Review

I am back on Spring Time chores again. Thankfully, I have the Boy Dog to supervise my every move.

 Gramps is still Gramps. He loves to eat and believes that any human in the kitchen equals a treat, handout, or an empty plate to be throughly licked clean. After all, he does have a purpose.

Recording some sweet miles on Strava and I am under the impression that the old Garmin is on its last leg. I tired uploading a No Excuse Loop but Strava had the big red bar "inciting a riot" No, how about indicating "missing data" to upload. Oh Well, The Boy Dog says he doesn't need to be tracked anyway.

 Our ever changing Colorado weather has lived up to its name. Mothers Day weekend produced a record high and then snow fell above 5,500 feet last night. The humor I find in this is a few gym members expressed their worries about their tomato plants freezing out. I laugh ONLY because every backyard grower plants tomatoes and I always feel that its just a waste of water. Think about it

I am also at fault here!! While I was watering the basil, chard, spinach, beets, carrots, peppers, and TOMATOES, this little bird hung out the WHOLE time. That bird didn't fly away when the dogs walked by, when I moved the nose, or when I walked by having forgot it was there. I took that photo with my phone and was only standing about 5 feet away. Happy Little Bird Looking To Be Added In A BoB Ross Painting

Epic Weekend Coming Up!! Epic Rides will be in town for the 5th Annual Off-Road Endurance and Downtown Music Fest. I highly recommend watching the video on that page. The 40 miler is closer to 50 miles with the course change and the 30 miler is spot on. The Klunker Krit and Criterium Race are both held on Friday. The Infamous String Dusters will be the big hit Saturdays night!! I'm pretty stoked with all the bands but the String Dusters are Phuc-N fabulous and ITS FREE TO ALL!! 

The gym has been treating me very well this month. For whatever reason this month, I took off the "heavier" weights and went with lighter weights and more reps. Not sure why I took this route but I have enjoyed the burn. Its much easier for me to focus on the full ROM and contract the muscle group near the end of each rep. I Like It

If you had asked me about mileage on the bike, I would have answered " Maybe 500?" And if you had asked me about milage for this week " No Clue" and those " Personal Records " are NOT anywhere near the top 100's from other recorded riders on our local trails. Well, let me toot my own horn here for a second, while on my commuter bike, I registered the 87th fastest time on the " Bridge Climb " up and over the mighty Colorado River towards the OM House. So Thats Whippin 

The next two weeks will include a lot of office time and we shall see how I manage training and Boy Dog time. This is a good thing but could be a little hectic for sure. I have two radio shows during the last week of the Month and Mr Jim might roll through the Valley on his return trip to California. 

So Until Next Time .... Eat Well ... Be Well ... And Smile For No Reason At All 



  1. Awww! Gramps is adorable! Do he and Boy Dog get on well? I bet they're great buddies ☺ Sounds like you've got a good handle on the many things that are going on in your life right now.. keeping super fit really helps to cope with a busy life. Have an excellent weekend, take care.

    1. Gramps wasn't so hot on the Boy Dog at first. The Boy Dog likes other dogs, loves mud, loves airplanes, and love Love LOVES women. I will be more than happy to "blog" Grandpa Smokey's story but you will need a box of tissues for sure.

      Yes, this weekend will be busy and most excellent!! Live FREE music, Main Street becomes a beer garden, and watching the Pros is so damn exciting. Will bring a flask of goodness, dressing up for the Klunker Krit, and the music line up is off the charts.

      Thanx 4 Checking & Seek The Best Possible Outcome,

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