Sunday, May 11, 2014

Super Fun…. Super Fast….. Wait, Its Already The 11th

This is my CANT WAIT photo

My weekend started on Thursday, didn't know it at the time, but it did. Shadow Boy & I went down 2 Edgewater Brewery & started early. Walking that is. The brewery was packed & they had a band outside & it was crazy loud. Shadow doesn't dig loud sounds. Him & I took off early before the group was meeting, updates, etc. 

After walking the 5K at a pretty good clip, I sat in w/Robin & Tim, that lead 2 a job offer helping set up downtown 4 the Music & Art Fest. Thats right up my alley!! I have been locating spots 4 vendors 4 years. Got the customer service down. 

Friday was an early start, chalk in hand, measuring out 10 X 10, 10 X 20, & a few 10 X 15. Some have power, some on the north side, & Mr Sun felt Gr8 when it came out. Saturday was another early start w/the 1st running of the Beat Beethoven 5K. Awesome idea!!! I think the song was the 5th movement but I know it was 30min long. A funny young P.E. teacher dressed as Beethoven & paced the group 2 finish exactly at the end of the song. If you beat Beethoven, they gave you a surprise. Plus, it was the 1st event!!! I helped time, saw more friendly faces, & enjoyed the atmosphere.

May 10th was National Train Day, so we headed down 2 the train depot, letting the cookie express our visions. Apparently, GJ is pretty low key about this event, unlike The Golden Spike in other regions of America. The poster read that at 3:45pm there would be old cars on the track & a raffle of sorts. Well, The Dude & I were the only ones there 4 it. SH&T FIRE!!! 

The photo above is a display table of free goodies & the gent on the right is volunteering his time 2 educate SAFTEY 3rd. He told me that he has been an engineer 4 12yrs. Score!!

 Some photos of the GJ Station that was build in 1906. At this time, I became quite disappointed by the representation by GJ's finest. I took myself outside & set up a time lapse. That also sucked!!! Hopefully in 2015, I will lend a hand 4 the event, bring a little life back, maybe, maybe something bigger.

And on we go…...

 We adventured on 2wards Main St were the 2nd day of Music & Jazz was in full swing. This lady took sweets on The Dude. I was giggling inside & snapped a shot. Forgot it was still on time lapse setting from the trains. Cracked me up when I saw this series & now you can see it as well.

Pretty cool succulents 4 sure. Adding water was a nice touch. 8 Bucks a plant was a drag.

I really enjoy walking Art festivals. Who doesn't love people watching??? The vendors have become so damn creative. Even the simple booth's have attractive hobbies that look so easy 2 duplicate, but we don't. Also, all the different stages were unique in every way. Verities of music, style, & stage performance. I like it all. Oh, the sunset was perfect 4 an Art & Music Fest…...

This photo was awesome……. Its Momma dog & 3 pups…… Learning the ropes……. Dig It

Side stage band that was really good. They didn't over play their location. A good size crowd gathered & I spoke w/a few old faces from early 2000. Note: Check Out The Clouds.

This guy was focused. He wasn't doing it 4 the money. Wish I could have done a time lapse on this work of art.

Super cool weekend. Talked w/the right people at the right time. Big news is just around the corner.

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