Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Abandonment…… Here he comes 

 I have really enjoyed the photos from around the Western States of the US of blooming desert flowers. Started low on the globe w/AZ folks sharing. Then UT mades a statement or two. Now, sharing a very small representation from the Grand Valley.

 What a sunrise 2 start the day, but my day starts w/belly rubs on Shadow Boy. Every morning goings like this & I give him more reassurance of love & happiness. Then, it was a stretching morning w/Mr Sun.

Beautiful… Thats A Shot Of The San Juan Range….. Beautiful 4 Sure

 My day was so beautiful. I meet up w/a wonderful happily married couple, rode my commuter downtown under Colorado Bluebird Skies, & took the Boy Dog out 27 1/4RD for a trail run.
 This was my 1st run in weeks. Many of you know that a month ago, breathing was almost unbearable let alone running, biking, swimming,etc. Todays run was more 4 the Boy Dog anyway. I opened up w/a relaxed walk but at a solid pace. Once I was on a flat ridge, I checked my posture over & over while I fell forward. What do you know, I am running…

…. And so pleased to be running, releasing all the junk in my mind, opening up, & leading w/my heart. The ground was so soft & my body was surprisingly loose w/each stride…..
 ……….very pleased w/how I felt after a month off. My hips were open & the ROM was there. Shoulders were creeping up But it was easily corrected. Now, I wasn't running like my hair was on fire. Easily could have held a conversation & sometimes I was talking to Shadow Boy. We both like that…..

………...I really like this hill & kinda miss it. I was running up this & looping back to this spot for my hill repeat workouts last March. Plus, the Boy Dog saw a rabbit about 3 years ago in the ditch off to the right & he checks this area constantly. I have been w/him on a ridge up and over this one & I will see it roll around in his head that THIS IS THE SPOT & away he goes. Funny Like That He Is

FRESH H2o….. Best Day Ever
I really didn't feel all that winded after this outing. While Shadow cooled down some, I stretched my legs pretty well. Rolled both ankles & did 2 sets each of ABC's. Him & I drank more water & walked around this little area. He kept a close eye on me as he wasn't going to get left. Once we were home, I form rolled my legs, we ate well, more water, & now its shower & bedtime for Bonzo. I will catch the Full Moon before I drift off…….
These last two photos are from a 2 second time lapse that I am working on. I rolled out of the desert way slow & hand held the GoPro. The video is pretty funny but needs music. Should be posting it soon.

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