Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stretching….. 4 The Love Of It…. Colors….. Happiness

Here We Go

Spring Clean Up Project

Moving Out The Water Waster 

Starting My Pile In The Street

Moving Along

Taking Some Shape

Thanx 2 The City Of GJ 4 This Awesome Program 

Still Moving Along

Around The Corner

I So Dig The Crushed Granite

Raked & Ready

Check Out That Load Of Green Waste…. NO TRASH FOLKS 

Dig This Shot

Still Moving Along

The City Of GJ Removes Our Waste Every Spring…. Spring Clean Up Program

Feeling Better About This…. Like The Depth 

How's The Flow Of This???

Again, Moving Along

What Do You See???

All The Cacti Came From The OM House….. Thanx Mr Jim

Really Like It…. Quite Satisfied 

Mr Jim Isn't 2 Impressed w/the Larger River Rock Along The Banks…. Too Man-Made

Love That Bike Seat

And The Grand Total = $104.16

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