Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day #1 of my Epic Journey 2Wards The Lead King 25K

On The Schedule 2day Was A 60min Walk

SO I jumped on the commuter bike & headed 4 the Lunch Loops 2 meet up w/the Western Slope Runners. I noticed my left quad wasn't as smooth on the ROM end of things. I backed off almost all power & reminded myself that it is only the beginning of the ride & beginning of a wonderful journey 2wards a huge goal. The ride 2 the Lunch Loops took me 25:49 & that includes all red lights & what nots.

After a relaxing uneventful ride, legs felt better after warming up, it was time 2 lock up the bike, & get moving. I headed up Pet-K-Kes &that trail  intersected w/the main Tabeguache Trail. Their map claim appox 3 miles & that took me 38:25 & I was quite pleased by this. I wasn't running, not killing myself, just hiking on up the trail. Totally stoked on how my body felt, temps were around 83F, & my overall attitude was upbeat 4 sure. I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the time as I finished. I nailed the 1hr walk like my schedule asked of me 4 the day.

Unlocked the bike & off 2wards the city I rode. Mostly downhill & the traffic wasn't as bad by this time. I noticed that my legs weren't 100% but not failing by any means. I defiantly wasn't going 2 push it OR over due it. So I just rode & sipped water when I wanted. Rode back in an easy 23:03.

Day #1 is in the books & I am feeling Gr8. Life can really help make you smile.

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