Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Mother/Logic Board In The MAC

Such A Wonderful Location. Could Stay Here All Day.

The Boy Dog Got Worked.

Opening Ceremonies & Wearing My Sydney Games Shirt.

Last Night Before The Dude Flew South. From One Watering Hole To The Next. Finished That Night Off With A Stop Off At The Local Establishment. Could Have Passed On That Looking Back.

The Boy Dog Thinking The Mail Lady Brought Him Some Ice Cream.

The Dudes Tix For Rio. Yesterday Was Handball, Today Was Water Polo, & Tomorrow Rhythmic Gymnastics.
Shadow Boy & I splurged & rented a "cabin" in Marble for his Birthday Month. Perfect get-a-way & what a location to gaze up at the Perseid Meteor Shower. You didnt even have to find the Constellation Leo because there were streaking meteors EVERYWHERE!! Talk About Awesome!!!

I set the GoPro up 3 different days, will begin the time lapse editing soon, now that the MAC Book Pro is healthy again. I have some photos of the cabin, some early morning training runs, afternoon hikes, & of the ever so famous Crystal (clear) River.

The other big news ....... Drum Roll..... I hired a Trainer back in July.... Stoked with him during the interview. He was way pleased that I didn't have the stereotypical answers to his questions. My Goals: form!!! I explained that I am beginning to use heavier weights & really need someone to fine tune my alinement & form. My goals for strengthening: Gluts, Hams, & Core. The rest will be gravy.

NEXT RADIO SHOWS: Aug 25th at 6:30pm ( Jam Bands & Cover Tunes ) Aug 28th at NooN ( Classic B-Side Rock & Wide Verity For Sure )

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