Monday, July 25, 2016

Dusty Single Track And Solitude

 The Uncompahgre Plateau is one of the most gorgeous hidden gems in Colorado. I have excavated flagstone out of the quarry, camped with The Boy Dog and Sadie Girl ( RIP ), and now turning over the pedals on the 575.
Escaping the 101F temps of the valley floor is really only the main goal here. The surprise of Mother Nature is TRULY the bonus.
 Speaking of Mother Nature, PLEASE Send Some Rain Our Way. PLEAZZZZZZZZZ!! The temp was near mid 80's but damn it felt hot and very dry. Pounding water until the bladder had that taste of near empty status. You all know what I mean by that. Its warm, plastic like, and that distinct sound of pre-empty bubbles.
Overall, the body really feels balanced again. The low back issues have subsided, quad are loose, and the power is back on. My nutrition could use some tweaking but my hydration was spot on. PITTBROWNIE would be so disappointed in the fact that I didn't have any beer in the cooler.
But damn am I ever riding on cloud 9 right now!! I appreciate Colorado, visually stimulated by all the  blooming wildflowers, and riding with some rhythm again. With confidence, I can proudly say, the gym time this past winter is paying dividends. Rock On

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