Thursday, July 7, 2016

Took off for Marble and the A$$ End of a Train

And This Goes On For Hours

Best Dog Ever!! His Agenda, Wide Open

So Green, So Lush 

Avery w/Grandpa Making An Apperance & Shadow Boy Supervising  

Two sets of two make up the 4 wheels. The front wheel bust and rolled under the back set.

Rest of the train on the right tracks??? Weird Or What?!?!?!

Marble Colorado is in prime shape right now with wildflowers up high and clear rushing creeks along the way. I feel that this place is magical and unplugging from the net was wonderful.

My core body felt strong, my gluts got worked, quads stayed true, calf was just ok, achilles were very tight the next morning, and ankle/foot relationship rocked with pun intended.

Shadow Boy pulled me along and up and over the rocky outcrops. We saw NOBODY and clipped along at a pretty damn good pace. I can tell when I am feeling good because the Boy Dog will often hang out under a tree or dig up some much cooler soil to rest on.

Because we were having such a damn good time, I didn't run any of the downhills. At one point, I wish I had brought more food. A peanut butter, banana, crystal ginger sandwich would have been ideal at one over look we "rested" at.

Just Me & The Boy Dog


P.S. Will process and mix music to a time lapse later on tonight.


  1. Unplugging from the net is essential in a magical spot like this Padre, in fact unplugging from the net wherever you are every now and then is good for the soul :) Sounds like the legs held up pretty well during this mammoth walk, I wish I could say the same for my knee, still giving me lots of trouble, the problem is I'm not good at staying still :)

  2. Big Hugs Perth!! Yes, unplugging is so refreshing these days. Sending you some positive vibes w/that knee issue & sitting still is the worst. The Boy Dog doesn't allow me to become gelatinous.