Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Canning Summers Goodness Tonight

Reducing Backyard Onions, Garlic, Cilantro, and You Guessed It.... TOMATOES!!! 

I Really Love These Grippers When Water Baths Apply In The Equation  

Best Dog Ever ... No Boogie Men Got Me While Canning 

Best $5 Yard Sale Purchase ... Total Score 

These Onions Are So Sweet To Taste... Peppers Are Perfect & Super Mild 

Waiting For That "Ping " 

Little Out Of Order But This Was The Harvest Before Labor Day Weekend  

Sealing The Lids That Contain Pure Goodness 

Stir Fry For Dinner While All Of This Took Place 

And Oh My God ...... Do You See This.... This Is One Of Three Or So Original Photos Of Shadow Boy.... I Believe This Was One Of His FIRST Sitting Photos.... He Was Only 3 Months Old Here And We Just Celebrated His 11th Year Old Birthday Month.... Its blowing my mind that he is 11 now.

Wanna talk about loyal, this dog has put his life in front of mine a number of times. Granted, never a true life and death situation but in his model of the world it was. Like the many times a stray dog has approached, the territorial cat hissssss from under that abandoned vehicle, or that every elusive bunny bounding near by.

Countless times we have crashed out somewhere were he need to plop his hind quarters ON me as to sleep looking towards danger. Moments later, he is rubbing his wet nose user the sheet as we play that every entertaining "under the covers" game. He has eaten with enthusiasm during every meal and never says no to a car ride. 11.... WoW.... Who knows how many times he has slowly worked himself into a roll over position for a belly scratch. Not a belly rub BUT a belly/rib scratch down. Sure.... You Get It... I Love My Dog

But do you know true companionship??? Maybe you have with another human?? Maybe you do with your current pet. Maybe you were lucky enough to have interacted with a verity pets throughout your life time?? Maybe you were a Zoology Major in Santa Barbra California?????

Anyway, I don't know were I am going with this but its just that its the last day of the Boy Dog's Birthday Month and I am happily sad.

When Sadie Girl was aging and suffering with Liver Cancer, I had the Shadow Boy to help me comprehend the cycle of life. So thats it!! I am at a crossroads. The Boy Dog is the one and only at this point. Thats what I have been processing these past few days leading up to blogging on this eve.
Even better, its my own aging process that has been on my mind. That damn selfish me Me ME attitude.

Like I had mentioned before, that client barking out about wanting more money, more time is all I would ever ask for.

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