Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Boy Dog & I Splurged

Exactly what I was looking for, Exactly what I needed, & The beginning of something exciting.

We splurged by renting a little cabin. The basic needs of a simple shower, a kitchen for proper meals, and a sweet bed for the Boy Dog and I to crash out on. All the comforts of home!!

Early morning trails runs were much easier after a full nights rest. Super motivated and foam rolling out the body was energizing. The body felt amazingly stronger and way hydrated.

The first day was just a hike on the trail right behind the cabin that I didn't know even existed. The trail was pretty much straight up with a few switch back interruptions. In other words, a calf burner!!

Beautiful, past peak, wildflowers littered the trail. The Boy Dog & I clipped along and my ears rang due to the peacefulness of the forest.

Day two was a fantastic lung burning 15.3 mile trail run. The Boy Dog & I could have easily broke 4 hours but we had a few sights to see and a massive deuce to pick up. I have been picking up Shadows waste for 11 years now and THAT ONE was unreal. We had just started out and he plopped one right there. So I picked it up and stashed it along the trail. Yes, retrieved it on our return.

The legs felt so solid and I know that focusing on my gluts and hammies are paying off. What my old coach FAILED to understand is that my muscle train was out of balance. He had no concept of stronger cycling muscles and extremely weak "running" muscles and how to correct them.

I did fast hike over the rocky sections and downhills. We cruised along the flats at about an 8 min mile pace and I attacked two "hills" in particular. The other inclines were fast hiking or casual Boy Dog time. Hints, the 4:07:16 time. The good news, my old PR was 4:29!!!

The last day was a sweet hike up the Old Mill Road to check out the working Marble Mine. I really didn't think it would take as long as it did but super worthy day. The views along the road are pretty stellar and should be seen by everyones eyes. The only draw back was the dip-Sh*t Texans hauling A$$ towards a dead end road.

It was rather crazy seeing Colorado plates driving slow, a Georgia plate creating NO dust, and you could hear the Texas A-Hole before you see them. And where are they going?? Where do they need to be?? Mother BLEEP RRRRRRRs

Other than that, beautiful get-a-way!!! Pounded the quads, worked the calves, no weight calisthenics, foam rolling, and best of all, 24 hours worth the Boy Dog during his Birthday Month.

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