Sunday, December 14, 2014


           Super Stoked about this project. Talk about Fall Weather Conditions in Colorado, it really is this arid this year. A number of high and mid level clouds but no moisture until 12/13/14!!! I did a CrackBook posting about hour I was going to send positive vibes from 12:34pm on 12/13/14 for the rest of that hour, obviously encouraging others for a sit in. More on that later. This video was mixed in SoundBooth, iMovie, & Quick Player and converted into 720p HD. So Click Full Screen, Turn Up The Turns, Yes

Ortho Classes:
            Another successful rounds of OB classes. On Paper, I have complete all my units!!! Do you know what that means???? THAT MEANS, I have taken all my required class in order to Graduate from a 2 Year Orhto- Bionomy Practitioners License!!! Two Year Program, Check!!! I have my 40 units Residential in Moab, Ut in March, a few consultations, one demo on video, and a feed back from another Advance Graduate left to complete. YES

              Shadow Boy & I have been adding up the timed walks. I haven't been bothering w/the Garmin for Pace or Miles. The Boy Dog & I are just going w/it for the rest of this month. Our no excuse loop continuously clocks in around 15 min and thats almost twice a day. Our longer loop took 47 min early this morning but we had some random traffic come our way as well. The warmer temps earlier in the week brought out the stray cats in deed. My quads have been feeling powerful again, my hips are rotating much better and sooner, & my knees are beautiful. I have been taking more time for warming up w/ankle lifts, slow stretching, & hydrating before hand. Back on the "perfect push ups" and core exercises after we walk. Would you wanna see my latest routine??? Its also been crazy watching the random houses begin to glow with decorations. Photos Soon!!! Some of these folks really drop a pretty penny to show off for me and The Boy Dog. YES

             Talk About Oh Yeah, do I have a show prepared for Yellow Dog Radio!!! Denver Chris told me about the band Primus creating Primus & The Chocolate Factory w/the Fungi Ensemble. DC went on to say that Primus stamped LP's and only 5 golden records as well. If you are the lucky recipent of one of these precious LP's, tickets for life to all Primus Future Shows!!! So on 10/10/2014 the radio station KAFM scored a copy for our new music rack. After previewing this CD a number of time and VERY familiar w/the 1971 OG Soundtrack, WHAT A TREAT!!! The CD follows the Original to the T but w/a sweet Primus twist. DISCLAIMER HERE….. Not putting down Primus but I real am not much of a fan. Some of their songs are OK on my ears but not a big true Primus fan….. But this new album rocks!!! I have some DJ SK Radicals, Afro-Mystik, Bassnectar, Wax Poetic, & Gangstagrass to mix in and out of the Primus Factory. This will take place Thursday December 18th at 6:30pm mt time zone. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stream live at www dot kafmradio dot org I am really anxious about this show. Its going to be a gem. YES

             Made some real progress this past week. I am now down to 19 walls for grouting. I am only grouting the top capped tiles, which requires taking off the damn gates FOR THE LAST TIME!!! I am really hoping to have all my ducks in a row & FINISH the grouting for good on Tuesday. Vertical walls tiled, grouted, & gated!! YES

Commuter Bike:
             We have a new challenge here folks. Still wearing my helmet, which brings up paranoia, been more cautious about my surroundings, which is a good thing. We all see the normal pull out in front of you stuff and cell phone situations but here is a new one on me. I am riding south on 6th street and a driver ( no sex, no age, no prejudging allowed ) is driving north on 6th street but is looking down and towards the passenger floor board. This car is veering into parked cars but not really THAT close when the driver glances up and all I see are his eyes….. DEER IN HEADLIGHTS…. You see, the driver is smoking an oil pin while driving, jerks the car back into the middle of the road and only sees me through the side window, which is 3/4 the way down. Folks, I almost went down from a "hash head" driver. Unreal. May I point out something??? Think about 70's pot smokers, most of them didn't have proper diets and abused alcohol, but the point here is how their cardiovascular systems have suffered. Then the higher grade Mexican Brick Weed hit the market and now we see the effects on the Cardio and Endocrine System over the years of daily use. Then the higher well grown weed hit the market and I began wondering what that generation's out come will look like, little did I know, Hash OIl, Wax, Shatter, What ever they call it, would take over high schoolers. What will those health effects be on this generation in 3 decades???? Are we talking ultra short term memory??? Lung Transplants before your 30 years old?? I have no idea what those effects will be later in life & but I do know this from what I have seen, OIL is the heroine of the marijuana market. I will even go further & say to parents " Invade your high school child's life." I do not have kids so that makes be the BEST parent in the world, right? ( Rolling my eyes here) But truly, don't allow your kids to spend money and precious time smoking pot, buds, wax, oil, shatter, etc. Get involved & stay connected. YES

               Our wonderful friend Renee hosted a pickin' jam from noon to 3pm on 12/13/14. At one point my brother counted 11 people w/instruments in their hands. Renee told me later that she counted a bakers dozen. During that 12pm hour is when I set up the GoPro and hung out to experience the Winter Storm of 2014. We finally had our 1st snow storm after having record highs for months now. And YES, we really are that dry out here. This is what Gore pointed out 10 years ago, really. So anyway, back to the story, a woman I have known for many moons told me about her accidents from the past 6 months. While she was explaining how each situation played itself out, I was thinking her pelvis must be off and she finishes by saying," And now I have bursitis in my hip." I was in Ortho land and BAM does it hit me. I DROVE HERE!!! I have my damn table w/me. I ride bikes everywhere and completely forgot I had even drove. So the rest of the jam I worked w/folks in the main house. IT WAS AWESOME!!  Snow, Rain, Music, Friends, & New Faces coming together on 12/13/14 and having real no idea what little microcosm we were about to create. Wish you could have seen all the smiling faces, people standing up and leading w/their hearts, and happy necks and watching them roll their heads around. They were stoked and I hand out cards. They will tell their stories and people are going to be coming in. Thats how Ortho works and I know Ortho works. And why didn't I set this up as my Demo Project for School??? Thats Me, 1,000 Answers After The Fact!!! YES

                  I AM STILL IN!!!!! Our group is down to the last 3 of 14. Me & the other guy took NE & the other took The G-Men!!! And 3 goes on to pick again next week. Oh Boy. I just want the Saints to best the Chi-Town Bears on MNF!!! Both teams suck but COME ON SAINTS!! Carolina can't lead the NFC South. The whole division sucks BUT COME ON SAINTS!!! Just Win Out & Roll On!!! There are 6 NFC teams that have the best record and one on them won't make the playoffs because of the NFC South. Wild year this year in the NFL. YES

Inspiration from other bloggers:
           WoW, some of the writing I have been reading this weekend has been outstanding!! A majority of them recapping the North Face Endurance Challenge out in California. What a journey, what an event, & some killer stories w/rocking photos. GOTTARUNNOW posted a number of other bloggers recaps. I also follow Steve Tilford's blog and he was just playing around w/planks. A number of followers chimed in w/their 2 cents. Caught up with Crazy Pinguin's world & sent her healing vibes via the Jet Stream. Fast Cory and his ever blistering blog. And others that are rapping up their racing 2014 season. So many wonderful stories, beautiful people all over the globe, & memories shared that inspire others without even being aware to it. YES

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