Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dog Days

Grandpa Smokey
I am way fired up about my RADIO SHOW this Thursday!! On Thursday December 18th, at 6:30pm Mountain Time Zone, I will be host the Yellow Dog Radio Show. At which time, I will be playing a tribute show to the 1971 Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Sound Track!! The Band Primus produce Primus & The Chocolate Factory w/the Fungi Ensemble and its crazy twisted up awesome. I also have a bunch of New Music to the station to mix in and out. I will have an NFL run down, weather from around the US, and random facts about how knows what.
He Is Trying To Get Some Shut Eye
 Please Stream Live www dot kafmradio dot org 6:30pm - 9pm Mt Standard Time Zone. Thank You!!!
Nothing Like A Standard Montage Of Dog Photos!! Here are some more photos of the boys.

After A Walk
Watching For A Treat As I Head Out
One of my favorite photos for sure. Shadow Boy wanted to be on the couch so bad and Ol' Smoker claimed the middle. Shadow Boy's ears are the best and that look is priceless!!! And this photo below turned out….. Well…. You Tell Me…… Its Shadow Boy's Shadow 

And one photo of me and the Boy Dog. We just returned from an outing and he is patiently waiting for me to mix yogurt, grains, and magic potions. Him and I are still on a 2-day walks!! We head out before my tile job, just under 20min walks, he claims the couch, I do my morning routine, sure works for us.

My newest routine came from a blogger Diary of a Fit Mommy. Sometime ago, while training for the Lead King, found her blog. She writes about food, motherhood, & work outs. So I commented that it would really be easier if posted photos from exercises that she is explaining. And a few days ago, there they are, a 5 day work out w/photos and a description. Totally stoked me out!! Today was day 3. Focusing on the core this week and really digging it. I backed off some of her number of reps but still pulling off 3 sets. Maybe I Just Might Snap A Photo Or Two?!?!?

I am grouting my last 4 wall fronts tomorrow and will be done will ALL vertical tiling. WoW, I am damn proud of that accomplishment. Photos, time lapse, and updates will be mix in iMovie soon. Bring On Thursday!!!

The foam roller has been awesome on the ham's and calves. My IT Band can take all my weight now and my quads feel GR8!!! Been taking some extra time while stretching and playing more w/my diaphragm. And all of this has contributed to longer bike rides or commuter cycling. The other day, rode down to the river for the second day straight. Light head wind on the way out but I didn't feel defeated. In fact, just the opposite, I worked on full range of motion in my lower half. And Yes, still have the helmet on. So to sum up December so far, wake up, walk, eat, tile, walk, eat, sleep. Now I understand how its already the 17th.

www dot kafmradio dot org

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  1. I love me a good montage pf puppy pictures! And it sounds like you have a good routine going! Now if I could only figure out how to wake up early int he morning and follow suite!