Monday, December 22, 2014

I Won… I Flippin' Won


MAD ( Mountain And Desert ) Racing held its last of 6 cycle cross events this past Saturday. The day started off w/a crazy killer Colorado sunrise, as it does before a storm front pushes on through. By 10am, the Fun Run 2 Laps was under way, kids race, citizen race, B's, & A's & the whole kitchen sink. Super fun day had by all & NO INJURIES!!! Not-A-One

The Boy Dog and I will be heading up elevation this week. ITS SNOWING RIGHT NOW!!!

Radio Show:
Thank so much to all of you that streamed the Primus Show last Thursday. I mixed in Primus covering the Chocolate Factory and some other way cool new music to the station. And YES, I recorded the show so copies are available. When I looked up streaming on the KAFM web site I only started w/4 listeners and then I peaked out at 15 on-line listeners. That is such a rush!!! Phones calls, texting, CrackBooking, and streamers = Most Excellent Hobby

 Building Towards 2015:
As you know, March 21st will be the Canyon Lands 1/2, all towards a goal of the 10th running of the Silverton Marathon this Aug, is the main focus during this "off season" rest. I have been playing around w/my cadence and strides these past few weeks. And it cracks me up how many times I will find a sweet groove and a damn cat runs out in front of us and Shadow Boy and I are on a whole new pace. But the good news, from what I have been investigating, my foot strike has landed better. WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?! It simply means that I have focused on NOT heel striking, meaning, hitting the breaks w/every STOMP. My hips are fluid sooner after starting out, I know my hams are strengthening, and my quads are becoming more reliable. If you have read la chanson de ma vie,, you will know that I have no idea what real quad power is. She put her quads to the test during the North Face 50k in SF,CA. Every morning has brought a new AHA moment, like, the foam roller under my IT band. Or following along Fit Mommies 5 day core shedder program. Plank position w/my perfect push ups. I love that equipment. Stoked to be building a stronger core for the upcoming racing season.


Sunday was the Solstice, as you are aware of, many thanks to be handed out. I must start by thanking everyone that has believed in my Ortho journey. I thank Shadow Boy for spooning me during the night and the encouragement and motivation to take the next step forward. I thank Ol Grandpa Smokey for reminding me that everyday has something to be thankful for. I thank John from MAD Racing for leading the charge and following through. I thank Foot Prints Animal Hospital for the opportunity for making money for OB classes, i.e. tiling their building. I thank Sara for holding my right knee after the Lead King 25K. Which reminds me, I should totally thank the beautiful state of COLORADO!!! I must also thank all the new 2014 clients that have walked into the office.

I Won!!! Still can't believe it!! For the recap here, this was my 1st year I didn't buy a fantasy football team. I have been playing fantasy football since 1988. So my brother talks me into playing Last Man Standing this year. I fought it as I just wanted to watch football for what it is. This past summer, I really thought that the Saints had a strong chance in the Playoffs and maybe even all the way to AZ FEB 2015. Man, they looked like SH*T this year. Anyway, LMS is were you pick one team ONE TIME and each week you pick a new team to win. After your third loss you are out. The 1st week I took THE BEARS on the thought that they would be strong during the beginning of the season and then do their usual implosion and miss the Playoffs. Well they lost that first game AT HOME. So week two I took the 9ers to beat the BEARS because it was the 49ers first game in their new stadium.. MY SECOND LOST!!! The 3rd week, my Saints & I took our 1st win of the season and I continued to win out!!! So we were down to the last 3 owners left this past weekend. Randy took the Bills over the Raiders, Karen took the Rams over the G-Men, and I took Seattle over AZ. So while doing not much at all, I watched my Saints forget to show up at home vs the Falcons, took the Boy Dog for a walk in the snow, and heard that the Rams where losing. WoW, I thought!!! But it didn't click right away. My brother told me that Randy took the Bills on the road after an emotional win vs Green Bay. So I looked up that score and it was 19-10 Oakland. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!! And I had to wait for the Sunday Night Game. But truth be told, I knew that Seattle DEF would destroy that SDSU Aztec QB. Bottom Line….. I picked 14 straight winners…. After Going 0-2….. 14 owners @ 10 bucks buy in… Shadow Boy & I SCORED!!!!! This $$$$ Will Pay My Entry For The Silverton Marathon!!!!

So life is going well, Shadow Boy wakes up happy, I am looking forward to 2015's race schedule, & I say," Bring on New Years Eve!!! "

Running Shoes, The Boy Dog, & Fuel. Any Questions???


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  1. Oh My God, I Just Read That Joe Cocker Just Passed!! He only lives about an hour away. I had the truly amazing fortune to have crossed paths w/him a number times. Obviously he doesn't know me from any other Joe Q Public face but I will never forget him. Rest In Peace Mr Cocker 1944 - 2014