Monday, October 20, 2014

New Race…. New Ideas…. Super Stoked

So I am just a weeeeeee bit fired up for Halloween this year because I will be here to celebrate Halloween AND its on a Friday AND getting spooky w/the dogs!!! The video above is time lapsed by the GoPro, music from the String Cheese Incident, & posted in HD mode. Feel free to click full screen and turn it up and wait for the apparitions to melt down into view.

What a month so far, I mean this in the best way possible, another week of Ortho Bionomy classes, finally found the right guy to plan a racing schedule with, had a blast of a radio show, Shadow Boy & I have been walking the miles every morning, and I am still alive in the Last Man Standing.

Lets start with that one: Last Man Standing ( L.M.S. ) is a bet during the NFL season. I posted about not participating in Fantasy Football this year and my brother talked me into L.M.S. and this year they gave everyone three losses because they only made it to week 6 last year w/two losses. Basically, you pick ONE NFL team each week to win BUT you can only pick that team once. MEANING, you pick 17 different teams throughout the season and you can only suffer three strikes. Week One, I picked the damn Bears and they lost, I was running the Lead King 25K during week two, told my brother that I pick whoever plays Chi-Town, that game was in SF to play the 9ers, promptly chalked up my second strike, been picking winners ever since. This past weekend knocked two people out because of their third loss. I think we are now down to 12 people and everyone has at least one loss.
Radio Show: I hadn't expressed my hobby over the airwaves in quite some time and hosting a late night show was awesome. I cranked up the tunes, played some twisted tunes, worked in some stand up comedy from Steve Martin, and blew through 3 hours of music. Received a number of phone calls and two callers in particular stood out because I didn't recognize their voices. One of them couldn't believe what they were hearing and asked where did I find this stuff and the other caller was about 10min before I was rapping up for the night and they said," Padre, that was some of the most fucked up funny ass shit." And Yes, Thats A Direct Quote!!!! I recorded the show, as I always do, so let me know if you want a copy. Plus, I just simple enjoyed myself.
A Recycling Run This Weekend
Ortho Classes: WoW, were do I begin????? How about w/Monday??? Monday's class was an Advance Neck and Shoulders. The class went by so fast as we learned how to work w/the C7 "door knob" while marring the nuchal line near the occipital bone. We also balanced the SCM, Upper Traps, and brought in the 1st three ribs as well. Great class!!! Tuesday/Wednesday classes simply blew A$$ because it easily could have been condensed onto a one class and Thursday was a Study Group class as well. The name of that class was Demonstration Skills, which I understood as showing demo's all day. NO, it was a language class for explaining Ortho, two damn days of this?!?!?! Near the end of day two, we found out that we are required to video tape a demo that we will perform. Can you imagine how the group SH*T themselves?!?!?! Classic!!! This is fine w/me but I was quite upset that it took 2 days to cover this and its butted up against a study group day. Friday was a better day as we introduced Reflexes and worked w/them. So Monday & Friday were awesome but not worth the amount of money.
Meeting With A Race Director: This was been a sweet break through!!! I am super stoked w/the potential of this opportunity!! I meet w/some previous so called race directors that really let me down, but this guy relates to me on so many levels. Our philosophies are very similar and we were on the same page on a number of topics. We missed our chance on BLM permits for 2015 but we have some killer Cyclocross events this Nov AND December!! The Forest Service AND City Parks are totally supportive for our races in 2015. Oh, and the LLC name, M.A.D. Racing. Mountain And Desert Racing!!!! Our Grand Valley offers Alpine Single Track on the Grand Mesa, Cyclocross events in Fruita, GJ, and Palisade. And we hope to host multi day events w/cooperation w/the BLM folks. I will keep you posted!!! For Sure!!! And I am Super Stoked!!! Last weekend we timed a Cross County race for CMU and it went over VERY well!! We timed the Downhill w/o a hick up!!! Overall statement by the CMU Event Coordinator was, PROFESSIONAL!! YES!!!

And Now For My Personal Big News: Me Me Me Time!!! Look At Me!! Me Me MEEEeeeeeee.

I found my next event! This August, I will be running a marathon!?!? Me, running a marathon?!?!? Its hard to believe that I just wrote that. Let me write that again, I will be running a marathon August 2015. WoW, That Is Awesome!! That Felt Gr8!!

Setting | Silverton, Colorado is nestled in the midst of the Silverton caldera at an elevation of 9,318 feet above sea level. The mountains only go up from there, climbing an additional 4,000 feet directly around town.   The area has been heavily mined since the 1880′s, leaving behind a rich history of ghost towns, mining structures and wild stores.                                                     Course Summary
Follows Alpine Loop mining road counter-clockwise linking historic mining ghost towns, Howardsville, Eureka, Animas Forks & Gladstone. High point is 12,930 ft atop California Pass. Low point is Silverton at 9,318ft. Total vertical gain is 3,800 for the marathon and 4,400 for the 50k. The 50K runners will complete an out and back to Niagara Gulch before joining the Marathon course.
Silverton Colorado Winter 2013 
I did a copy/paste from their website regarding the Course Summary and Setting. The photo to the right, I captured this one last winter, sleepy little Mt town of Silverton. Something else that excites me about this event is that the marathon race starts before the 50K runners. I totally dig cheering on other races and will have plenty of chances to see the studs fly on by me at sub 9 min mile paces as I stumble along at 12min mile pace, if I am lucky?!?!!? 

2015 is going to be AWESOME!! 

Thank You All For Stopping By My Blog!!! Many Of You Have Been My Inspiration!!! Fast Cory, Crazy Pinguin, Discom- BOB- ulated, run this amazing day, Fit Swiss Chick, TRAILMOMMA, Fitness Fatale, Catching my Breath, pittbrownie, Hang Nine, la chanson de ma vie, and folks like yourself. Thank You Thank You Thank You


  1. Silverton, the San Juans are incredible. Awesome destination race.

  2. Eeee! Marathon! That is so exciting! And especially one with such wonderful scenery! You did not pick an easy one, so you will earn your stripes with this one.

    So glad to hear that everything is going so well. I'm a big fan of October and Halloween and have been enjoying the crap out of this month!

  3. Hang Nine, you are so right!! I have been a big fan of the San Jauns and have enjoyed camping on the north side of Snuffles…… Penguin, this is exciting and maybe you and your partner will have time now to plan and join me?!?!? Shadow Boy loves sniffing all the little tricker treaters when they come up to the door.