Sunday, October 5, 2014

Adding Up More Miles

Check Out The Figure Model On The Bed
A few shots from the Fridays First Art Hop along Main St….. Just A Few Shots
So Dig This Photo!!

Fall Colors 

I Painted My Flagstone Out Front From This Style Near Thompson Springs, UT.

Maybe My Favorite Gallery From The Night

By Far, Top Shot!!!

This Was Crazy. Paintings On Massive Steel Sheets.

The Paint Popped A 3D Imagine & The Steel Was Untouched. Its Refections That Add The Color. 

Wanna Talk Layers?? Unreal Little Details In This Painting.

Classic Puking Print

Love It

This Lady Had A Multi Layered Collage That We Picked Off Sections To Create A New Look. DIFFERENT

These were way cool


Up On Our Grand Mesa

Just Outside Of Telluride Colorado 
The first week of Rock-Toe-Berr flew on by. Am I Right??? Still, had a pretty good week at the gym. I am still on the slow-mow pace of lifting light weights. Most of my reps are 15+ times and standard 3 sets w/each exercise. Its funny how many looks I receive & how many folks come & go during my little workout. Swam a few times this past week which felt great. Working on posture, breathing from both sides no matter how many strokes between breaths, & even swam a few laps w/my eyes closed. Even started doing some egg beater work for the lungs & adductors.

I also spent a lot of my free time down at KAFM during their Fall Fund Drive. The Fund Drive has always been special for me as I see so many old salty sea dogs from way back in the day. The programs were fun & full of energy but not so much these past few drives. I have blogged about the lack of leadership before Teddi ( Executive Director ) & Phuc Face Joe ( Program Director ) split the scene. FINALLY!! We have a new ED now so we shall see what presents itself. I hope for the best but back to the topic of Fund Drive. I answered phones during shows, helped clean up & take out the recycling, & talked w/some old friends while doing my thing. Local restaurants donated fabulous dishes, artist dropped of goodies for premiums, & just a simple time for socializing w/others.

As for racing, I supported a couple of clients this past weekend. A local chapter of STRIVE hosted a 3K walk down at the Botanical Gardens. Awesome event because it was so casual in deed. Dog friendly & perfect Colorado weather along a Fall colored River Front Trail System. The rest of my Saturday was at the office practicing Ortho on a new client & 3 previous clients. One client I am prepping for a hip replacement. And Saturday on Main St was crazy busy as the high school marching band competition was held here in GJ. Schools from the front ranger were here, smaller schools from the western slope, & our local 3 high school bands marched on. October Fest was on 3rd & 4th of Main St w/a very well attended beer gardens & the ever so popular weenier dog races. Thats always a blast to watch. Saturday night was the last night for the play Avenue Q at CMU. The Blue Z scored us awesome seats!! Front Center & about 4 rows back!! Now, this wasn't any Broadway performance but it was funny as can be for GJ. Plus, what a way to wrap up the week & the weekend.

One of my goals this week was to find a new race & buy in. The one that is on my radar is the Silverton Marathon Aug 23rd 2015. I haven't had the best interaction w/the company HITs out of NY so I don't believe I am shooting for the Half Ironman in MAY here in GJ. Maybe I will volunteer this year, plus it wouldn't be a new event. Major mixed emotions here. This might also free me up to run the Cimarron 50K Endurance Race May 3rd 2015?!?!? I haven't pulled the trigger yet but I still have a few months before the rate jumps. Any Ideas From You All???

Also, sending out some positive vibes to my blogging friend One Crazy Penguin as she is tackling a 70.3 this weekend in Alton,IL were she will swim in the mighty Mississippi River!! What an awesome transformation she has gone through!!! Big Hugs Penguin!!

Last but not least, I am looking for a new book to read. Something that I might find in the library. Any topic for sure, just finished the Monkey Wrench Gang, read the Dog's Purpose & the sequel Dog's Journey, & re-read Scott Jerek's Eat & Run as well. I am open for suggestions & ideas PLEASE!!!

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  1. Yay for the shout out! Thanks!

    Oh, and have you read the Art of Racing in the Rain? I think you would really like it. It's fiction though.

    The 50K sounds like it would be fun! I kind of want to do one of those next year :)