Thursday, October 23, 2014

Time Lapse From Mother Nature & Doing Some Chores

Hello All,

Fall is in the air, colors paint the Grand Mesa a golden fire red, cooler temps in the morning, and the sunrise has cascaded light rays at impressive lengths. Which brings me to the Boy Dog. Shadow Boy and I have been walking in the early morning and have been treated to all aspects of Fall. We walk under a canopy of yellows, reds, and holding on greens and now the streets are blanketed with the fallen yellowish leaves. Love That!!!

My legs feel quite stronger than a year ago while training for the Lead King 25K. My hips have more movement or better rotation and I loosen up much quicker than in the past. Yes, its the foam roller, its the stretching, the yoga, and sure, the water consumption. All of it is making a difference and my moods are much more upbeat as well. Nice byproduct of exercising.

The time Lapse above is from my tile job. I set the GoPro ( 10sec 5mp & wide ) up out back while I worked inside. Grand Junction was in the 60% range of seeing something from Mother Nature but as you can see, we just see cloud formations and wind. I mixed in some Blue Man Group and I really like the results. The time Lapse from below ( 5sec 5mp & wide ) was from Monday as we have a GREAT free service here in town where the city picks up leaves and compost them at the Green Waste Facility. All you have to do is rake up, drop off out front on the street, and away they go. Its Awesome!!! So in the video, cheering felt appropriate, you will see Old Grandpa Smokey. Smokey came from Roice Hurst Humane Society last December and what a case he was. Don't know where he came from and I didn't know his name. He was such a sad damn dog, he literally just stood in his cage, droopy eyes, and a bad back right leg. I mean REAL sad. Ready for this, he was only 44lbs when I picked him up. Old Smokes walked into the house, took a short trip down the hallway, sniffed around, found his bed, he slept for 3 full days!!!! I would scoop a full cup of dog food and he would eat maybe a 1/4 of it and would just drop his head back down. I gave him a month and figured that he would happily pass on. Took him to my vet and they said he was OK and just getting old. I began doing Ortho on his bad leg, gave him treats when Shadow Boy needed one OR two, and played music for him when ever he wanted. FAST FORWARD, Old Smokey is now 71 solid pounds, pulls when walking on leash, prances when its breakfast/dinner, and the vet could believe his eyes. They commented on how beautiful his coat is, how he now stands on ALL four of his paws, and how he tracks w/his eyes. Old Grandpa hit the jackpot!!!

As for the marathon training, its going well, I am only walking and/or hiking w/Shadow Boy, still working out the base training. This weekend will be a timed mile at Stoker Stadium. Next week I will be back to swimming and should hit a few miles on the road bike. Added up the miles from the commuter bike last week, hold on, 77miles!!! Thats only the commuter bike to work ( tile and office ), store runs, and trips over to social events. If asked, I would have responded w/20 or so miles, maybe?!?!? Not 70+ miles on the commuter for the week. Can you say bike maintenance soon????????? Would you wanna see a time lapse of that????????

Old Grandpa Smokey… He Is A Happy Old Guy…. He Can Melt Your Heart 

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  1. You know a good puppy picture melts my heart! And super awesome videos!