Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday The 12th & Rant Time

Let me just say that I am pretty positive, upbeat, & do my best to point out the alternative  options…… HINTS…..
What Else Is Possible…
Now, where do I begin & how do we process this info????

Do I even share????

Do you wish to read???

Maybe I should just drop it.

        Yesterday was a sweet day of tile work ( craftsmanship 101 ), a relaxing swim ( video ), cycling down to the office ( another new client ), & having a wonderful salad ( greens, tomatoes, etc out of the garden ). And since I threw in the blog title What Else Is Possible, I now give you, yet another reason for my displeasure towards Facebook. HINT: dumpingcrackbookblog I find my gmail has new crackbook e-mails. Sitting comfortable after rolling out my IT Band w/the foam roller, I clicked on CrackBook to find that Robin Williams had taken his own damn life. I so wanted to post PHUC U MR WILLIAMS

         Now, nearing the rant, today started off rather interesting after not sleeping so well. I really wanted to drive because I was feeling pretty dull but hell. Lets Ride The Commuter to the tile job. Saw a friend along the way and something was way off w/her. I didn't press but wanted to let her know that suicide isn't an option. Could you imagine how that would have gone over???? Saw another "friend" from the station & wanted to blab Blab BLAB the same words. Continue to ride I did. When I arrived at the groomers, a little tailwind was nice, I just didn't have it in me to work. My best move was recognition of being out of sort & gently reminded myself that loosing a finger or limb isn't on the agenda today. SAFETY FIRST!!! From there, I made real progress. Worked until it was time for me to head over to Vitamin Cottage for some items for Thursday's tailgate party.

           As I am riding along, wind in my hair, Mr Hugh honks like a manic w/that big old grin of his. I could so feel the shift in my body coming. My legs became powerful but I was riding hard, the miles were quickly adding up but totally effortlessly, & the sun was out but not hot at all. Upon my arrival, another sweet high end commuter bike was locked up, I strolled on into VC like a million bucks but not much in my pocket. Simple purchases were made and on my way I went. Do you still wanna hear the rant???

Still Thinking Of You Mr Padre 

         While riding along and enjoying myself, flying on by me, that car was close. I began to notice that nobody was signaling before turning. Another car flips a 16oz empty plastic coke bottle out the window near a corn field. Yes, I went back and picked it up. Another car passes my by w/enough room but then pulls over at their destination and parks in front of me in the bike path. Cars were coming from behind and head on so I quickly found a driveway that lead me safely up on the sidewalk were I was pleased a passenger wasn't in that parked car. I rode along and find a car pulling up next to me. Yes, I am clipping along at this point. As I look over, RANT TIME,  a woman ( sex is not the subject here ) is steering her car w/her left knee. She has a cell phone in her right hand AND GET THIS;;;;;;;;;;; doing her best to light a cig w/her left hand. Over the course of the next 2 seconds, I can clearly see a child in a carseat in the backseat.

WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY did I even get out of bed?????? And why didn't I drive??? So back to the original questions from the entry: Where do I begin and how do I process??? Can I let the novelty of a celebrity suicide go??? Did he give two SH*Ts about me??? Should I invest any energy into drivers that simply blow off a signals or stop signs or littering??? But the lady smoking w/a kid in the car takes the cake. Pissed me right off. Why is it that stupid people bother me so much???? Do I dare go down that rabbit hole???? Here is what I can do: #1 Lay on the floor w/the Boy Dog. #2 Send some random e-mails to my friends w/a positive message & NOT enlightening them of my anger. #3 Take a nap. #4 Become inspired by others blogging their Ironman Journey, multi day mt biking adventures, etc. #5 Head towards the kitchen and start cooking for Thursday's party. #6 Remember how many times Robin Williams made me laugh out loud. Thats the answer. Just laugh and move on. Can I do that?? Will I allow myself that privilege??? TOTALLY!! Yes I Can. Yes I Will. Ah, I feel so much better. Thanx for your time

Shadow Boy, I Love You

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