Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend N the Rockies

The Boy Dog

Back From Our Mourning Run

What a fun weekend w/the boy dog

We stayed in Red Cliff Colorado w/our friend Stacy and her dog Kal. Dinner was amazing as we ate Wild Sockeye, veggies, and salad. I walked the boy dog under a clear blanket of stars. Cant say Shadow & I slept all that much.

Quick Photo of me & Shadow

Wildflowers On The Trail

Shadow looking for some H20 while waiting for me to do my thing. He sure does dig the trail.

Shadow Boy Cam

Best Co-Pilot Ever

About 2 take a photo of a sleeping dog.... oops
This weeks goals: Add another 20min to our late night walk/run
                             Swim 2X this week
                             Add another day of biking
                             Start the demo work in the master bath
                             Tell Shadow how he has made a difference in my life

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