Monday, August 19, 2013

Pro Tour Starts 2day!!!!!

Life Is Good If You Are In Motion..... Out & About..... Feeling A Little Burn.... Making It Happen

This week went really well while training w/the Boy Dog. Our miles are adding up. Working both jobs this past week. Pretty much eating, working, walking The Boy, riding my bike, eating, & sleeping. Not a bad way 2 go. The above photos are the functional units that I have been relaxing during our walks/run. Keeping my posture up and in a line while my shoulders are relaxed and comfortable. Looking at picking up the pace and adding a little more 2 the route. The only problem that I am running into is time. I take the Boy Dog out just before sunset under cooler temps and by adding more distance, sleep comes much later. This only means that 6am comes much sooner..... This could be a good thing

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