Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Color Party: Rene,Me,Jill,& The Blue Z
Life in Aug has been awesome!! Many B-Days this month, as you know. Pro Tour in Colorado. Friends & Family. And a massive 3 day Mt Bike Race here in GJ,CO.

As for my training w/the Boy Dog...... Its been Gr8!!

Him and I have added distance to our nightly walks/runs. My rides have been strong but relaxing at the same time. I am feeling my quads finally coming alive and producing power. Missed out on swimming this month but not worried at all. Fall and winter are better indoor swimming months then July and Aug. I feel as if I am able to catch myself sooner when I am hunched over or when my hips just arent open. Quick correction and the pace seems to double. The other night, I was relaxed while running next to Shadow Boy and he gave me that look like..... AWESOME HUMAN..... KEEP IT UP.... and I know he is totally diggin' it for sure.

So back to the race this weekend........ Clunker race downtown, Pro Men & Women Criterium for cash,  Wellness Expo, 4 live bands on main street Saturday, 40 mile mt bike race that starts AND ends on main street, and a beer garden as well. So far, 8 different states have signed up!!! Out Of State $$$$$$!!!

Again, Life Is Good

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