Monday, August 5, 2013

Nice Cool Aug..... So Far

The weather has been awesome so far in Aug. Clouds in the afternoon, morning showers, and cool breezes for most of the day. Shadow Boy and I walked/ran every night during the week days. I commuted to work on my bike and was thankful for my rain jacket that I carry. Life is good!!

During my walks w/the Boy Dog, we have picked up the pace for sure. I have been working on my posture while walking towards the west. Opening my feet before the strike, relaxing my hips, and breathing in order to loosening up my shoulders. This causes me to move my chin back and forth until my neck finds its happy place. The west travel is my warm up and my check in time. Our travels back east have become a walk a block and run a block intervals. Super stoked as the last week my knees didnt hurt afterwards and my hams are stretching and not pulling on my knees causing discomfort. I have been slowing down my warm ups, the stretching before and after, and adding more water than ever. These all equal = enjoyment!!!

Maybe..... Just Maybe..... I will register for an event soon.....Maybe..... More stretching 1st

The video is from my training day on Sunday along the Colorado River Trail. My down fall, after dumping the files on the sim card, I fail to empty my trash bin. That means my sim card was full and my video is short. I only time lapsed about 10min of my 1 and 35min ride........ oooooops

This week: Monday (2day) commuter bike running my errands. Bank, VC, & Post Office. I will ride              w/the BoB Trailer loaded up w/recycling on the old GT.

                 Tuesday: If I am not working, The Boy Dog & I will find a higher elevation!!!

                 Wed: Working & Walking

                 Thursday: Same w/a Radio Show At 6:30pm

                 Friday: Working & Walking

 SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: Hiking, biking, and enjoying the good life....... Stay Tune

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