Thursday, April 26, 2018

Disc Golfing, Gym Updates, & The Boy Dog

I am quite pleased with how this video turned out and its well worth a watch until the end. The Dude & I were throwing some plastic and the wind was clearly out of the East Southeast. As I was riding the bike back to the casa, the wind was coming directly out of the east.

Our local NOAA site placed A Big Ol L right on the grand valley and my time lapse captures the circling low pressure gradient moving over us. Its Pretty Damn Cool

Been taking The Boy Dog to all of his favorite hikes and he sure does seem to enjoy himself these days. His instincts are sharp as ever, he still eats with enthusiasm, and spends the nights as close to me as humanly possible. Paws Of Love

Bench Press - Slow & Controlled - Moved up to the 40 pound dumbbells incline press
Back Days - Haven't made any really advances
Biceps - Added 25's on the Preacher Curls - 10's on the curl bar for the triple 8's
Triceps - Kick Backs w/20 pound dumbbells
Shoulders - At the end of my shoulder/tri day, I use the 10 pounders and complete side raises AND front raises as one set. Slow Burn
Legs - Lousy cramp during lunges - I could feel that exact spot for like three days

The Dude, Loki, Shadow Boy, & Myself went for a little "hike" Sunday and came across these massive rock crawling machines. As you can kind of see, this lip was taller than these vehicles. These crazy crawlers made it look so easy and the sound from their roaring motors were impressive as all get out. Oh, By The Way, That Is A Gal Driving This Beast Here

Our poor mighty Colorado River just isn't so mighty these days. I stood here with the Boy Dog for awhile, he dug himself a beautiful cool spot under a juniper tree, reminiscing about the Indian Commercial from way back. Not intending to be a Debby Downer here but I am still amazed by the stupidity of my fellow human.

Just yesterday, an old guy with his grandchild's watching, was hosing down his driveway. Like spraying the main crack in the middle of the driveway. Gallons of clean water gone. Some how that led me to believe that they have how many lights on inside, dragon plug ins, and you just know that the television is broadcasting to an empty room.

I then really get on myself for subscribing to those damn thoughts. Why do I waste my time?? Why do I dwell on that crap?? Why are you subjected to this??  Well G M Chrysler did I ever go sideways there

KAFM received a prestigious award from the arts foundation!! I am totally spacing out on the title at the moment. Its a yearly presentation in recognition for community supported arts and KAFM was honored to be this years recipient this year!!

From Left to Right: Barb, Jill, Harry, Ramona, Me, Lorraine, Betty, Ginger, H-Man, The Amazing Jenny Jen Jen, & Holly. I was honored to have been apart of this and I am extremely proud to have been part of this acknowledgment.

1) Finish Out The Month Injury Free At The Gym - In General Really
2) Continue cleaning up the OM Property
3) Continue to honor my intention list
4) Prioritize my list while keeping the Boy Dog on the top of that list. I lost track of that and really paid for it. That So Sucks & I Am Not Putting Myself In That Position Again
5) Add some serious miles on the saddle
6) Enjoy & Outreach this Saturday at the Girl Scouts 5K/10K.
7) Day Trips Up The Grand Mesa
8) Last But Not Least, Compliment Folks

Will be hosting the Orbit Lounge from 6am-9am this Friday morning. Will have the Boy Dog with me and the web cam will be on. Stream Live At

Be You, Stay Strong, & Think Of Others,


  1. Happy Boy Dog! Disc golf looks like fun and the clouds were really cool. I like Your List, #8 is especially true.

    1. Super Happy, Like Ridiculously Happy Boy Dog. Thanx so much for watching and commenting on the video. And You Beth, You Are Flipping Amazing.

      Big Hugs

  2. Two cool videos here Padre, stunning skies in different ways. Huge congratulations to KAFM for winning this year's award.. well deserved I bet! I have those thoughts all the time too, why are some people so bad at just doing the right thing.. drives me nuts ­čśú big hugs for Boy Dog ✨

    1. Thanx For Watching These Videos & The Boy Dog Loves The Extra Attention

      Big Hugs