Monday, January 15, 2018

When You Miss Someone

So The Dude traveled around the US while he was raising his two daughters. Airfare was just out of the question so driving was the only option. They did take a few train rides but driving was the main means of transportation.

Photo For Perth!! Its The Twins From Melbourne 

Fast forwarding, as the girls became independent, The Dude says," I will never travel in the States again." He flew over to Australia, Brazil for the Olympics, Jordan "see some old sh*t", Cambodian, and now Thailand. He always finds amazing prices on overseas flights when flying on or around Christmas Day.

The shrine in Krabi 

We keep in daily touch through the WhatsAPP but for some reason I really missed having him around during this trip. Really not sure what thats all about?? Am I Getting Old??

Close up of Garuda on the four corners of the prang

4x25 push ups and chest day
4.5 miles for one mile a day
3.7 miles on the commuter

4x25 push ups and back/bi day
9.7 miles on the commuter
1.2 miles for one mile a day

2x25 and one 50 set for 100 push ups
25.5 miles spin class
1.2 miles for one mile a day
36.1 miles on the Midnight Racer

4x25 push ups and shoulder/tri day
4.08 miles on the treadmill for the mile a day
5 miles on the commuter

5x20 push ups and chest day
22.7 spin class
4.7 miles on the commuter

2x30 and 2x20 push ups
1.9 miles for the mile a day
0 miles on the bike, drove to the desert

2x25 and a set of 50 push ups
1.2 mile a day
26.6 miles on the bike Video below

Next event that I am looking into. All of them are a beast but damn that Powderhorn 100K


  1. WOW! Powderhorn looks amazing!

    1. That Powdernhorn Will Be Epic And Reaches 10,000+ Feet!! Will keep you in the loop and thanx for stopping by. Big Hugs

  2. Haha! The twins from Melbourne look like a lot of fun Padre, double trouble 😀 enjoyed riding along with you in video.. 26.6 miles, geez no wonder I was exhausted 😀😀

    1. Thanx So Much For Watching & Very Pleased You Enjoyed.

      Big Hugs