Monday, January 1, 2018

End of the Year Numbers 2017

The Dude came up with this concept and cutting we went during Turkey Day weekend. We made about 60 of these and then narrowed it down to these top 25. They really produced dimension, not just depth, from the outdoors looking in.

I Then put the snow flake glasses over my iPhone and captured this little beauty. I might have had a few to drink that night and didn't realize what I had snapped. The next day, I wish I had used all the glasses because we had elf, candy cane, trees, and this snow flake glasses.

Christmas Eve presents the tradition of heading over to Janet and Dyers place. Janet retired from the Mid Wife occupation so the night is full of generational families stopping by for chili, green pork posole, and homemade egg nog. Dyer offered me up a little 15 year old Cuban Rum. I spiked my nogs, when the host says, I followed suit before he twisted my arm. The Dude was driving so I might have had a few.

Their entire neighborhood lights up luminaries and line ALL the streets and a majority of the driveways. They even pay the $50 to have the street lights turned off for the one night. I absolutely love walking through that neighborhood every Christmas Eve. Its Phuc-N Magical. Beyond Words

The Boy Dog never leaves my side. He laid under the table all night and happily took care of all the scrapes that took to the floor. Sloppy Humans = SCORE For The Boy

Christmas Morning, Shadow Boy walked right over and sat on HIS package. CLASSIC. He Did. He smelled those treats when we arrived and couldn't wait for me to give the OK. So here is the photo of him protecting me and his gift from that damn boogie man.

Mr Avery Charles at 18 months.  The past six or seven interactions with Avery have been awesome. He would just scream or hide during this past Summer. That Sucked.

He is turning into a human now and whats to show me his toys. He doesn't quite have the attention span to engage and play but he has been a giggly kick to be around. Even before Christmas he had a ton of toys. Crazy

An indoor mower that blows bubbles?? So Cool. He drover that sucker into everything and never stopped. Full Speed Ahead!! Oh ya, he did back himself right off the stairs. Classic Move. Only wish we had that footage for Americas Funniest Home Videos.

Hailey-Bird hosted this Christmas Dinner and scored a mermaids outfit. Seemed that she wanted this because she was way excited. Notice that the handle of the mower is next to Avery's butt. He showed a little interest in R2D2 until it came alive. Scared the Sh*t out of him and back to the mower he went. Another missed AFV moment for $100,000

And after the Christmas rush, The Boy Dog was wiped out!! I out slept him!?!?!? The late nights and extra walks caught up to us in a big way. But consuming meals and holiday treats had nothing to do with it. HA

The Orbit Lounge show was epic!! I featured clips from the TV show Happy Days. I didn't play any trivia yet the phone rang often, tons of text, CrackBook messages, and a YouTuber from Belgian streamed. How Cool Is That??? - Listen For The Next Two Weeks. Few minutes of The Cheese and then the Opening Theme to Happy Days

Our little 300 watt Community Station is World Wide. Sure makes the past 16 years worth it!! I say this all the time," Best Hobby Ever."

I just happen to ride by this sundial and went back to take a photo. Didn't know we had one and will work up a future time lapse somehow.

By The 2017 Number:

438 Activities
292 Hours
38 Personal Records ( 12 PR's in December )
Running - 587 miles ave 1.61 miles per day
Walking - 263 miles
Hiking - 382 miles
Cycling - 3,013.1 - Thats Right, Point One!! average was only 8.255 miles per day

Realistic Goals for 2018:
1) 36,500 push ups - this should be achievable because its 100 per day
2) Doubling my numbers from 2017 - but safe and smart about it - there is no reason why I can't do a 5K a day which would put me at 1,168 miles this time next year
3) 10,000 views - I'm at 8,600 views on my YouTube channel and 10,000 views is the magical number for allowing monetizing to happen. My first "check" will be donated to KAFM
4) Double My Biz - really focus on advertising and building on my Ortho-Bionomy practice. Definitely bring more kids into the office because they don't justify nothing and get in the way. Will start targeting PT and rehab facilities and see were that gets me
5) Would 5,000 cycling miles be out of the question?? This would mean that I would really need to focus on flexibility, strength, and nutrition. I am young at heart but my body is aging and if I am tackling these goals, well, gotta be smart here

Just for the record, this was my first Strava year, no expectations were made One Year Ago. I still wanna make the challenges fun and exciting. I will hopefully keep better tack of individual days and/or activities. Example, how many snowshoe events did I forget to track?? Do I start including Spin Cycle days?? If Yes, under what category?? So in closing, will become more familiar with Strava and work towards all new numbers and personal achievements during 2018. And Way Excited About The New Year!!

Stay Strong,


  1. Good year man. All the best to you and yours in 18.

    1. GZ,
      You Are The Man And YOU My Friend Rocked The Strava Numbers!! And As Always, Love Your Black & White Photos.

      Much Respect,

  2. Excellent year! I count Spin as bike on Strava - 15 miles for a class seems pretty reasonable. Happy 2018!

    1. Thank You Thank You Thank You!! I will add spin miles to the bike and I do find that reasonable and/or respectable. Also, many thanx for adding me to your roll blog list!! You Blew My Mind With That!!

      Happy 2018 To You,

  3. Wonderful round up of 2017! Wish you a fulfilling 2018!

    1. Happy 18 To You As Well And Keep On Shooting Photos!!


  4. Sounds like you had a pretty amazing Christmas Padre, me also but I'm really happy it only comes around once a year 😀 you seem pretty amped for 2018, best wishes from Perth 🎉🎈🎊🎇🎆

    1. Perth,

      WE had an amazing 2017 and your photos were top shelf. You capture more than just a simple moment in time. Your eye for detail is astonishing and I look forward to clinking on your page daily.

      Have yourself another wonderful trip around the sun and thanx for all of your positive comments. The Boy Dog & & Appreciate You!!

      Stay Strong,