Sunday, January 21, 2018

Challenging For Sure

30x2 & 20x2 push ups and chest day
6.5 on the commuter bike
2.1 miles for a mile a day at Stoker Stadium
Basically, a real half a$$ chest day and my legs were sand bags. BUT, after walking at Stoker, felt much better overall. Could Be Mental?? Maybe

4x25 push ups and arms only
2.6 miles on the commuter bike
1.5 miles ( mile a day & 100 push ups ) before the Garmin battery died at Stoker Stadium
The body felt much better today and no soreness

2x50 push ups
8.0 miles on the commuter
24.2 miles on the Spin Bike
1.9 miles for the mile and a day & 100 push ups
Little tender this morning

One Set of 100!! No Gym
8.7 miles on the commuter
1.3 miles for the mile a day
Feeling Really Good

3x20 & a 40 for 100 push ups and chest day
8.3 miles on the commuter
2.7 for the mile a day

5x20 push ups
2.7 miles on the commuter bike as I didn't take the Garmin with me downtown while filming the Women's March. ooooops
3.31 miles for the mile a day & 100 push ups
Incredible turn out for the Art Auction Meet & Greet at KAFM. I didn't think that I drank too much but felt rough Sunday morning!!

2x50 push ups
2.9 miles for the mile a day
Shoveled ( all the neighbors do think I'm crazy ) out the neighbors, sidewalks around the block, and gutters out front. The snow melted so damn fast and we will be facing 11F, 14F, and 16F by Wednesday. Its important around here to clear the curbs and gutters before the hard freeze.

My time-lapse videos usually produce between 10 and 60 views. This Women's March time-lapse post 549 views so far, 20 likes, 4 comments, and my very first ever DISLIKE. Pretty stoked with 500+ views!!!

This week will fly by as its a packing up for the Fat Bike Worlds in Crested Butte. Not sure about wifi and timing so I might not be posting a Wordless Wednesday Photo.

Feeling Good & Staying Hydrated,


  1. So good to see all those fabulous women, and some men, walking in protest in the US and the world Padre. Excellent time lapse video. There is a lot to protest against in the US right now ☺

  2. Good for you looking to the long term, shoveling and the women's march! It is great to be a little nutty, keeps us sane, right?