Wednesday, October 4, 2017

September's Bitchin' Numbers

September produced some sweet numbers. Strava recorded my 3rd highest hours, only 226 miles, and 5 personal records. The hours sure do reflect the single track trails. My power has improved, thanx to spin class. The Boy Dog and I have a no excuse loop walk thats just under a mile. Him and I walked 41 miles this month on that loop. Dynamite

Haven't been in the gym as much as I would have liked but making the most of it. Still gaining strength but having a difficult time wrapping my mind around the fact that Summer is over. Its October already!! Gr8 Summer but damn

The first Cycle Cross Race of the series was last weekend. The days leading up to it were awesome but the day of, not so much. Klishy & I had a great time building the corn maze of the course. We laid all kings of corn stock dow to guide the riders in the right direction. He designed and we built a righteous 1.8 mile lug burning track.

We were treaded with two days of old aircraft flying into GJ for the air show. Its amazing how slow and big some of those military craft can be. Flying in formation were 4 P51 style planes and they flew right over our heads. Wish I had a photo because those plane were so close over head and spotless clean against the Colorado Bluebird Sky. Perth, were was that magical eye of yours

I was totally blown away by the amount of Denver folks that drove over the Continental Divide to compete in our event. Racers from CB, Carbondale, Vail, Aspen, and Telluride all came to GJ to Cycle Cross their brains out. How Cool Is That

The next MAD event will be held on the 21st. Its a crazy cool cross fit style race. The race will be on an 18 hole golf course were athletes will start in waves and run down the fairway. Each green host a set of cross fit activities. This obviously goes on throughout the 18 holes. I'm really looking forward to it

Rock-Tober Goals:
Writing down my daily intentions has been quite beneficial so I am sticking with that plan
Will be adding more road miles to Strava this month
Finishing up the landscaping project ( time lapse to follow )
Hosting a radio show featuring clips from the TV show Taxi
Spending more quality time with the Boy Dog
Hopefully pulling together the funds to attend a Ortho-Bionomy conference in Dec

Hope you're a video watcher and appreciate the craftiness,


  1. Always enjoy the time lapse Padre, amazing how the sky changes so many times over a period of time! I think you might have inspired me to actually write down my goals, maybe that way I might have a slight chance of actually achieving them 😀 hugs for Boy Dog.. October is a brilliant month, it's the month I was born 😀😀😀

    1. The Boy Dog appreciated the hugs & A Big Ol Happy Happy To You!! OxoxoxO Thanx so much for watching my videos. I am pleased to read that I have inspired you. As for goals, think of them as intentions. Goals give the opportunity to fail. Intentions are something that could lead towards a new option. Either way, You Are Awesome & I See You Outside living large all the time. Peace

  2. My hubby LOVES Cyclocross ... to do so in Colorado would be an item on his "to do" list for sure ... as well as mountain biking! :) Nice job on all the miles too! The time lapse is GORGEOUS and I am also a tad bit bummed about summer being gone ... I just hope that fall takes her time and that winter isn't over zealous trying to get here. :)

    1. No Way!! Trailmomma!!! You're The Best!! On my bucket list today would be hosting your hubby. Colorado has so much to offer and the fall colors are totally epic right now.

      Thanx for watching my videos!! Thanx for keeping in touch!! Much love to you and your family!! Stay Strong & Positive Vibes!!


  3. Beautifully done video and here's to a great October too!