Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Seasonal Chores, Cyclocross, & Radio Shows

As our earth begins its tilt, winterizing chores come on quickly. And winterizing the swamp cooler is so much damn fun. But this year, 3 coolers, I didn't bleed ONCE!! Sweet

I hosted a radio show last Monday at 6am and it was a complete sh*t house. It all started with the Boy Dog snoring in my bed and didn't walk to the station with me. My alarm went off at 4:04am and he just lifted his head as if to say," Are You Kidding Me?"

I sucked down some Joe, ate the pot of steel cut oats, and filled my backpack with electronics and the Boy Dog was still snoring like a human. I put on my clothes and he didn't budge one bit.

So I rode to the station. Arriving early as I usually do, the heater was on, that control room was 84F. My show was scheduled for 6am but I took over the automated system at about 5:15am with the best of Jerry Garcia. Pulled some new music off the new rack while that was airing and started getting my act together.

That was pretty much my pinnacle. The gremlins took over from there. CD player #2 would stop 10 seconds early for whatever reason, CD player #3 wouldn't start off the board, you had to manually hit the play button on the machine. About the only thing that I didn't do was hit the open button by accident when pushing the play button.

Now, all of this was my fault. I hadn't done a show in awhile so I didn't know about all these new little issues. I never blame KAFM anymore because its community radio and the program director lacks communication. So I pretty much stumbled through the three hour time slot.

The High Light By Far ----- I featured the late 1970's Television Show TAXI.  Those mixed in clips were a MASSIVE stimulator to the listening audience. I just might have had a record number of callers. I didn't keep track and I don't know what that record might be but the phone constantly rang all morning. It Was Awesome & Keep Me Going.

I'm reliving these mistakes because I am hosting the Orbit Lounge this Friday at 6am and I couldn't be happier about it. I will have my redemption and I can't wait. I already have about 5 hours worth of music for that 3 hour time slot. I have tons of killer Halloween tracks, some deep epic lounge tracks, & ghoulishly horror film clips to mix over the top of instrumental tunes.

TRAINING: Found an event for 2018 and I am pretty damn stoked about it. Check out this course - - This is the 30K of the Grand Mesa Ultra. The 100 miler can be found here, along with the 50 and 30, taking place in July of 2018.

The next cyclocross race is this Friday Night at the Holy Family Catholic Church. Then, Saturday is the Spooktacular 5K on the same course. Will be pretty damn entertaining for sure. I have always enjoyed night time riding and racing in the dark. Here is last years race and hope ya dig the tunes!!!

Last But Not Least, if you happen to enjoy numbers, October's Strava has recored 199 miles on the commuter bike!! That totally blows my mind. These are NOT my road riding miles or Dreadmill miles or no excuse loops with the Boy Dog. 199 miles on that old Cannonade commuter!! As you are reading this, I'm clipping over 200 miles as I ride to the office this morning. WoW

Until Next Time, Have A Brilliant Day & Seek The Best Possible Outcome!!


  1. We might be visiting the western slope over x-mas. I'll keep you posted.

  2. Replies
    1. Freeing My Mind & My Bike Is Following Along. Thanx For Stopping By!!!