Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hump Day Update

A really solid day in the gym, wrote down my intentions for the day, scored two free tix to the Mountain Film Fest by stopping by KAFM, and pulled more weeds at the OM House. That's four items fulfilled off the Goal List. YES

On the commuter bike yesterday for 5.9 miles of running errands around town. Beautiful day out here on the Western Slope of Colorado. The Fall Coloring has begun blanketing the valley floor, impresses me every year. GORGEOUS

First Cycle Cross of the year this Saturday, Oh BTW, Sunday is also the first day of October????? Summers sure do seem to fly on by these days. WOW

Riding to the gym for a Tricep/ Bicep day, meeting with MAD Racing at the library, and then to the office for the rest of today. SCORE

Hate Creates Deflation - Love Creates Expansion

Just for the record, I called in during the noon hour Public Affairs Program, the film fest crew were conducting an interview with Coach and offered up two sets of tix if you called in. I then stopped by and collected.


  1. You certainly make the best use of your time Padre. I should take a leaf out of your book ☺ Boy Dog is the best ☺

    1. Yo Perth,

      The Boy Dog is the BEST!!

      Big Hugs Love,