Monday, September 25, 2017

Racing in Rifle Colorado

Mother Nature painted our sky with some of the most perfect post card moments in time. Each sunrise was worthy of a snap shot and everyone talked about the sunsets nightly. Fridays lightning storm was breath taking because each ground touching bolt danced in place for 3 to 5 seconds. Long enough that we could all point and "WoW" before those bolts faded away. EPIC

On the down side of Mother Nature rolling in, the Adventure Race was cancelled. The trails were battered by the front that moved in from the South Southwest. It was definitely a bummer because of all the work put in by EVERYONE but you just have to respect the trails and the flow of the land. DRAG

Side note; I am totally boycotting all sports media personnel because I can't believe the amount of political coverage hour after hour after hour. I simply don't understand it, regardless if I agree with it. Baseball and football have always been an outlet for me. Sports gave me the opportunity to check out from childhood trauma, frustrations, and environment.

ESPN played melodic piano scales, while showing in slow motion, photos of players holding hands with owners. We are so diverse, color - race - sexual orientation, the flag DOES NOT  represent politics or the military. Will athletes or Sports News channels ever "protest" Global Warming?? Teen Pregnancy?? Hunger in the Middle East??

We as a society, team human, and what not are facing world elimination with the rich only becoming stronger. So much time is wasted and I just haven't understood why. All sports athlete do so much behind the scenes but media focuses on the true BS of human interest. I know I am not anti ( insert government/ military/ American/ or other labels here ) because I do have compassion for life and its struggles but Phuc- Me.

I am sick of the flag at half mast everyday, unprofessional statements, pointing fingerers, lack of love, fellow bike riders that can't take the time to simply wave, poor customer service skills, and stupid people continuing to breed.

Goals: This week will be chalk full!!!
1) Gym in the AM
2) Yard work at the OM House
3) Pulling of files from this hard drive
4) Paying bills
5) Checking in with KAFM
6) Purchasing my pass for Friday's film festival at the Avalon Theater
7) Checking out the Air-show from a far BECAUSE
8) First Cycle Cross Race on Sunday October the 1st
9) Spend even more quality time with the Boy Dog
10) Write down on my dry erase board my intentions for the next day

Yes, September is almost dust in the wind.
Rock On

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