Saturday, September 2, 2017

August Kicked A$$

Well, August kicked my ass. Damn good numbers out of the Strava world for the month. Really solid days in the gym and I still enjoy riding my bike.

MAD Racing: Our last event went rather well and the cross country course was way cool. A majority of the runners gave us the thumbs up for creativity. Thats Cool

We will hit the ground running this Monday of Labor Day Weekend. Mad Racing has been given the opportunity to host the Desert Edge Triathlon Aug 9/10 2017. This event has been run by the inspiring Darrin from Underground Racing. We meet 10 years ago now, WoW

Underground Racing created an amazing family friendly event and that has worked in our wheel house because we have always focused on Family, Youth, & Out-Of-State competitors. Score

The trails are very well established so we won't be building!! Thanx Goodness!! Just loads of marking and checking and re-checking. Pretty stoked with Klishy and all the vendors, quality food trucks, and bands. Both Days Will Host Live Music

Numbers: I reminded myself that the twins were here, I missed a few days, rode hills, a mountain, & casual commuter rides. Having said that, August posted my largest logged hours at 24 hours, 361 Miles on the bike, & a season low 36 miles on the trails. Two Personal Records were also set in August. Amazingly, April recorded 41 activities and Aug recorded 21 activities. So More Than A Few Days Missed

My gym time has been totally consistent, not in stagnate or plateau way, Just Consistent. I have mixed up all exercises this month but not really lifting heavy free weights. Back&Tri rather than the traditional Back&Bi. And because of this switch, injury free was achieved. I focused all month on 10 really good/form/holds/ROM/powering up movements. That Rocks

Goals: I have some very simple goals this week. 
#1 Goal, not loosing my marbles when Klishy changes the map at the last second.
#2 Goal, greeting everyone enthusiasm and gratitude.
#3 Goal, think before answering repeat or obvious questions.
#4 Goal, sleep!!



  1. Interesting to see the traffic flow in the time lapse video! Your goals are so positive.. and energetic Padre, your no 4 get more sleep, is top of my list this week 😀

  2. Wonderful time lapse video, and great to know your goals are being achieved. Greetings to you.

    1. Thanx So Much For Watching Them!!! Working Step By Step To Achieve The Best Possible Outcome. Again, Thanx So Much For Stopping By & Dropping A Comment.