Friday, July 28, 2017

Solid Week & Back At It

Buckled down and had a solid week in the gym. Strava put me at 36.4 miles for the week with a run tomorrow and a road ride Sunday. Took it way easy lifting but still felt like I was in control. Will lift again tomorrow night and take Sunday off from the weights.

Tomorrow night is the BIG crazy Demolition Derby at the fair grounds. Thats always a hoot!! Will do a BBQ at FJ's and might just have a few brews with the twins. Must Snap Photos For Perth

Last night, at KAFM's Radio Room, Moors & McCumber performed their last American show before they jet off to Ireland. The time lapse above turned out pretty well and has had a number of views. So Thats Cool

I am hosting The World Harmony Show Sunday the 30th of July at 9am Mountain Time Zone. Check out KAFM's Live Link HERE to stream and watch The Boy Dog on the web cam. Reggae On

Tomorrow will have an ugly early start. SH*T Fire. Heading up the Grand Mesa to volunteer during the Grand Mesa 100. This will help pay for next years entry. I am familiar with those trails already and am already looking forward to it. Obviously I won't be running the 100 miler but the 30K is so on my radar like a hummingbird zooms in on a red tip feeder.

Tooting my own horn without trying to sound creepy .... It was awesome walking back into the gym this week and having so many people ask, comment, or welcome me back in. I have always taken the time to listen to the Silver Sneakers so I kind of expected that from them but all the random folks that wanted to hear about whats up in my world really put a smile on my face. Sometimes we all forget about the impact that we (project??) during our daily routines.

So I encourage you to randomly say hello or compliment others throughout your weekend. No expectations, just offer a pleasant remark and carry on. Try It

Until The Next Time,
Stay Strong


  1. Great to see you are having a splendidly active lifestyle! Keep going! Cheers!

    1. The Boy Dog Keeps Me Young And Full Of Life

  2. Oh my gosh Padre, you have not slowed down even slightly since I was last here! Another super cool time lapse video, looks like the gig was well attended. Just reading what you have achieved and are going to do in the week ahead made me exhausted 😀 Yes please snap some Demolition Derby shots, would love to see and please schedule in some chill out time, you're going to need it ☺

    1. Will Do Perth, Sometime Near The End Of August Anyway. Derby Photos Coming