Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Numbers and Photos

Grand Junction witnesses some of the most epic sunsets. I still believe that coastline sunsets or rises top all but our high desert colors sure do rock. I purposely cropped in the street lamp in this next photo. I have watched and shared my video with damn near everyone.

FJ, The Dude, Montrose, & I walked out of Barons on our way to the Avalon and this is what we walk out to. A number of folks were frozen in time looking west. These midlevel clouds reached from horizon to horizon.

We supported the Tuesday Dinner and a Movie. Which brings me to the fact that I saw 3 or the 4 Oscar nominated films at the Avalon. Pretty Damn Cool.

February totally flew by!! The 19th of February was the only day that I didn't record an activity. I posted 59 activities, 2 Personal Records, 267 miles, & 32 hours. I am navigating Strava a little quicker but still not completely sold, Yet.

Hosted three radically different radio shows this month. One was on a Friday and I featured a number of female vocalist covering popular bands or songs. Another show was on a Tuesday morning were I worked in movie clips. I would play a DVD and mix the flick over some music.

My favorite mix by far was Rambo's First Blood over the top of The String Cheese Incident covering War Pigs. That lit up the phone lines and so did the Field of Dreams mix. I liked the Good Will Hunting over Wide Spread Panic's Travelin' Man but no chatter. And thats OK

Click on this photo to make it bigger. Just have a look at everything thats going on here.

Uncle Karl celebrated his 60th Birthday and everyone knew to bring him some high end Tequila. That created a rather rough morning outing with the Boy Dog. I think he knew I was hurtin for sure. He was quick to point out that I deserve this because he got left at home.

Did I mention sunsets here in the Grand Valley??? They are amazing. And Free. All ya gotta do is go on outside, Right?

A Number of epic bands rolled through GJ this month. The Outer Vibe, Moores & McCumber, Dirk Quinn Band, Reverend Horton Heat, Zolopht, & Elephant Revival early in March. GJ just might make the map one of these days.

Have a listen to Archie Bunker's take on Equal Rights in the time lapse below. Yes, this is one of my videos. I use a GoPro Silver3, set at 2 seconds, almost 3 hours worth, soundtracks by Dyalla Swain and Panthurr, & created in GoPro Studio. Subscribe if you LIKE

I have a radio show this Thursday the 2nd of March that I am really looking forward to. I have been planing it out for over a month and highlights Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Working in some older B-Side Classic Rock as well. Its a two and a half hour show and I am down to about 4 hours worth of music. HA

Hope you can check me out on the Magic Carpet Ride. You can stream live at www dot kafmradio dot org at 6:30pm Mt Time Zone.

Slow Down March!!!


  1. Nice pix of the free evening movies!

  2. Not much has changed since Archie Bunker uttered those words re women's wages unfortunately, they still get less than men for the same work.. don't understand why! Gorgeous skies Padre!