Sunday, February 19, 2017

50K Training Updates by the Numbers

February's Calendar Reads: 45 Activities, 2 Personal Records, 20 Hours, & 150 Miles. Monday - Chest, Tuesday - Back/Bi, Wed - Shoulders/Tri, Thursday - Back, Friday - Arms, And Saturday has been a full body with high reps and lighter dumbbells. Rest day on Sunday from the weights.

Something that I have noticed on the Dreadmill is that the heel of my left shoe will clip my right medial malleolus. I don't quite understand if its my hips, loosing my balance slightly, or what. All that I do know is that it so sucks

FJ baked this sucker, mousse filled 
I am 4 months out from the Bryce Canyon 50K & the typical questions are starting to pop up in my head. Like, what were you thinking meathead? Do I fully understand my own nutrition for an all day event? Will I be able to run without the Boy Dog by my side? Will I ever FINISH?

Scored free tix & totally not what I expected
Then, I have one of those righteous days and my confidence soars like a hunting Bald Eagle over the mighty Colorado River. Another boost to my spirit was recording a personal best on a hill climb. I was simply riding to the OM House when Strava posted a little medal for me. I placed 527 without much effort at all. So a few days later I went for it and I am currently sitting at 144th place.

The Lions Club Poster?? WTPhuc
The good news coming from all of this is that I am injury free, complete stoked with all the Boy Dog time, & I am extremely upbeat about looking forward to ramping up the milage/hours over the next 3 weeks. I will be "super" smart about it and will have 4/5 days off during March Madness.

Then, stay strong for the rest of March and then start ramping up the HOURS on the trails in April. I will start adding pool time in this week, now that the New Years Res folks are dropping off. Thats made a big difference while super setting at the gym nowadays.

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  1. With all the training you're into Padre there's no way that 50k will give you any problems.. too easy, and Boy Dog will be there tail wagging at the finish to give you a huge slobbery congratulation kiss ☺

  2. I live on a one-way street that's also a dead end. I'm not sure how I got there.

    Steven Wright

  3. You're in action! Love the big goals and your adventuour spirit. Once you get started with fitness you never know where it will end :)

    1. And The Adventure Continues On. Wish I had Strava numbers from two years ago for comparison. Thanx for stopping by and dropping a positive comment.