Monday, September 19, 2016

Fresh Eyes From Around The Valley

My Office & The Grand Mesa in the Background
My perspective has shifted since signing up for a little walk in Utah. Some occasions for the better and some for the worst. The positive aspect of my personal shift has been solid core work lately. Core is key as I am learning.

Looking back I believe that I was just going through the motions at the gym. Maybe even just rushing my way through. Now I have more of an appreciation for slowing down and completing a full range of motion during these exercises.
My Office on the Right & The Monument in the Background
On a lame note.... The Boy Dog & I went out 27 1/4 Road for some trail running. I was visualizing how I would explode up hills, controlled downhill, & allow the Boy Dog to check out some old stomping grounds. But I had no idea how mind blowing our experience would be. 27 1/4 is a fucking trash dump!!

Very long story short, Shadow Boy's first 7 years were spent out here at least every other day. After Sadie Girls passing, he & I haven't been back. So far about three years now, its an area I sort of left a part of my heart, kinda avoided the area really.

Him & I jumped out of the car with excitement and within about 20 feet we danced around broken glass, cheap shit beer cans, and TONS of expired ammo shells. Every turn lead us to trash piles, more discarded beer cans, and evidence of non responsible gun owners. Total A-Holes!!
The Beginning of it.... So Cool
On A Positive Note... Exploring new terrain has shifting that mind set. While in the office Friday, viewing Main St, the realization of the Monument is right THERE. I never played around the Colorado National Monument because its a non-friendly dog area. I am OK with that.

Above the Monument offers vast open space. All the way to Utah, trails in the Aspen trees, water holes, camp grounds, and a night sky of endless star gazing. Behind the Monument is the Uncompahgre Plateau Area with endless trails, camping, and rock hounding.
And Now.. Again, Monument in the Background 
Another amazing location is the Grand Mesa!! The fall colors are going off right now!! This is about the first time that I have ever seen patches of color with no rhyme or reason. Some of the Aspens changing are in the center of a grove, some color changes are near the edges, and some are deep emerald green right next to a full patch of yellows. Crazy Cool

The full moon Saturday into Sunday morning was inspirational to say the least. The moon light illuminated a grove that blew my mind. You could clearly see the straight line of the Mesa's flattop, that purplish blue sky just before sunrise, and that patch of yellow stood out like a sore thumb reflecting the moons glow. Flippin Awesome
The corner building dead center is NOW the awful Rockslide Brewery 
GOALS: A few goals this week....
#1 Core work 3 times this week at the gym
#2 Foam rolling often
#3 Setting up a functional work space with the bike trainer
#4 Epic radio show this Tuesday at 9pm color changing mountain time zone
#5 Showing up present
#6 Researching hydration vest
#7 Timing a mile at Stoker Stadium
#8 Experimenting with nutrition before/after training runs
#9 Last but not least..... Reminding the Boy Dog that he is loved

Yellow AND Green Aspens???
My iPhone photo from Powderhorn Resort... Look At That Aspen Grove... Bring It On.. Stay Strong


  1. Such a shame to re-visit your old stomping grounds to find them trashed like that, but I admire your positive attitude to all the goals you set yourself Padre!

  2. Such a shame to re-visit your old stomping grounds to find them trashed like that, but I admire your positive attitude to all the goals you set yourself Padre!

    1. So pleased that you saw the photos!! And thanx for being you Perth!!