Friday, September 30, 2016

50K Training Week & Homemade Treats

Homemade Lentil Burgers!! From Right Out Of The Book EAT & RUN. My first run at this recipe and turns out that its super easy and way tasty.
 After mixing, trust me on this one, let them cool in the ref rig for about 25 minutes. I made up one patty warm and the rest after they cooled. The "warm" patty cracked and pulled away from itself while cooling.
 These suckers were excellent and I fed them to meat eaters during the Saints vs Falcons game. Yams for french fries, stuffed Big Johns Peppers with Smoked Gouda, Sweet Olathe Corn, and Veggie Burgers. Oh Ya!!!
The only thing that I would recommend is making them thinner for consumption purpose.

Training went well!! 30 minutes on the Dreadmill and then arms only. Commuter bike around town paying bills and VC for ingredients.

 Fresh Palisade Peaches!! Perfect!! The peach base stayed the same and we added ingredients in a mixing bowl. The Dude just scored the Flavors Bible book and all the batches produce top shelf results.
 Fruit Leathers
 Marsala, Anchovies, Ginger, Sea Salt, and a touch of backyard Tie Basil. Beyond Awesome!!!
Fresh green and purple grapes from the neighbors and The Dude has a wheat grass juicer. The grapes juice was totally out of this world. Any fruit concoctions are followed p with the comment regarding what alcohol should be added. NOT this stuff. No Booze Needed!! Gr8 Night

WED: A new experience in the office today. A client came in today and this client is deaf. This became one of my most present sessions, maybe ever?? In the Ortho world, I ask a lot of preference question, Ortho requires feed back from the client and is client directed. 

One of the Principals of Ortho-Bionomy is moving towards ease. Sometime I am not sure so I will ask the client if they prefer position A or B. I also explain to the client that if I am "agitating" the area then I need to go to the opposite "direction". 

SO this session morphed into me completely relaying on his subtle body movements. If his body started to guard, then I knew I was in the wrong relationship. I focused on what position was congested or stuck and which way brought ease. By Far, one of my best sessions ever and the client was stoked. He stood up and rolled his shoulders to tell me the pain in his neck was gone. I could see it in his eyes that he was over the top pleased. What A Day

Yes, dread mill, chest, and legs day. Loads of Boy Dog time.

THURSDAY: Full on rest day. Woke up to the smell of wet asphalt, The Boy Dog required belly rubs before we hit the floor, and then stretching and foam rolling.

Sent e-mails, edited music from my last show, and a quick walk with the Boy Dog. 

FJ came over for a pre game show and off to the Radio Room we went. We saw a band called Bernardus and their second set was much better than the 1st set. Two brothers playing acoustically and the covers that stood out were Cold Play's Yellow into Eagles Take It Easy. Not a bad show and pretty well attended.

FRIDAY: Bad A$$ Day!! Legs, Back, & Arms in the the gym. An odd observation I had was how many members come and go on the cardio equipment will I was on the treadmill for 45min. It was way odd. Maybe everyone was just using the machines as a warm up. Yeah, thats it, a warm up. 

Bugget Sushi Night. All the weeks leftovers and add wasabi.  

Oct 1st is the first Cyclocross Race of the Season!! Super Funky Course!! Bring On The Madness, Bring On The Sunshine, And Bring On The Weekend!! Lets Rock!!! Go Padres!!

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