Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Eye Opening

This past week was unbelievably amazing in every way shape and form. I left GJ early Tuesday morning, bought a box of #1 peaches and filled up w/fuel, & headed for Paonia Colorado. Met up with a Gr8 friend of mine from way back in the day for coffee and a breakfast burrito. And on towards Kebler Pass I drove. The dirt road was in pretty good shape but I still drove slow and waved cars/trucks on around me. Not much wildlife heading up to Lake Erwin but tons of wildflowers painted every open meadow.
Dropping down into CB I could feel my heart begin to race. Past memories flooded my mind!! I was so stoked to be in this gorgeous mountain town that I literally didn't know where to go.


So what does one do when one comes to the cross roads?? Thats easy, park, walk, and find a watering hole. And thats what I did. The walk through town was simply beautiful with a full spectrum of colored yards, happy dogs, and waving acknowledgment from bike riders. I walked into the Brick Oven Pizza Joint and sampled 3 different IPA's before ordering a Stone RuinTen IPA at $9 for 12oz glass!! I am on vacation so I took my time with that one. Just after a sip or two, mother nature showed up big time. The sky opened up and poured rain like you only see at 8,800ft. Elk Ave quickly turned into a river and the tourist from Texas all scurried around like ants. Classic.
Not long after all the excitement and my one tasty beer my buddy from Izzys called and away I went towards South CB. The rest of the night was spent on the deck ( time lapse views ) catching up, watching the meteor shower, and I do believe I won my first ever chess game!! Tooting my own horn here!!
What I Am About To Share Is Real, Raw, & True
I throw out this "disclaimer" because what I witnessed and experienced was totally out of my model of the world. I am not, maybe I should, be into crystals or energy or healing or labels like that.
First day of Ortho class was mostly talking theories and learning more about the legend Arthur Lincoln Paul. And on a side note, I swear in a good way, damn near everyone in the class had a twin from my circle of friends. Blew me away!! I won't bore you with details but wish I had taken some photos of these faces and shared them with their twin. Later that night was more of the same, watching meteors, playing chess, and shooting the sh*t on the deck.
Second day of class was totally eye opening. The three day work shop covered Phase 7 and working with the lymph glands and circulatory systems. Actually feeling fluids blew my mind as I have had difficulties with tracking. We worked with opening the vena cava and allowing oxygenated blood to flow through to the heart. I will never forget feeling the Aorta as I knew I was there. I could feel the tube like structure but not the fluids by any means. The gal I was working with, we connected, I could feel her connective tissue along her spine open up and a shift was coming into her pelvis and at about that time she said," My low back just dropped onto the table." I was on top of the world. My tracking in myself as practitioner or client is about on a 5 second delay normally. This time I was totally ahead of the curve and my whole mind set turned from that point on. Then, Ursula makes the statement that made so much sense to me, something to this effect, how can someone live and be active if they are drowning in their own fluids??? That statement rocked me!! From overweight lifestyles to gelatinous couch potatoes building up fluids, like a sidewalk gutter cluttered with debris that blocks everything upstream from flowing. Get this, we work from the heart as to keep from flooding the system. The gutter idea would play out like if you cleaned the gutter in the street from on top of the hill and worked your way down the hill. Pretty soon one of those "dams" would fail and a river wipes out the rest of the debris on down the hill and floods the drain and that drain becomes blocked from all the waste. Same with the body, we don't just flood the heart from working with fluids from the legs, we move from the heart towards the legs. That night, I slept like a rock!!!
Last day of the work shop was all lymph glands and I am lucky enough to live in the old saying of ignorance is bliss. Meaning, I didn't get caught up in interstitial fluids or over thinking patterns. I was able to sit, call up, and notice simple shifts in the system. Then, came my moment of the week. My mentor asked me to try this exercise on her. What a moment in time. I wasn't nervous, we were in right relationship, I ran a few spirals on her, I felt a blockage near her thoracic duct, worked and allowed it to open, SHE OPENED ONE EYE & LOOKED AT ME & CLOSED HER EYE, I ran another spiral, moved over her left groin lymph, and her whole body started lengthening out right there on the table. I looked over at L. Parker and she had a look on her face that I will never forget!!! We both watched this whole pattern develop before our eyes. My mentor was floored!! She complimented me on my timing, tracking, and felt that that session was totally life changing and went on to explain more of her past from child bearing. And I had a witness, not just me saying that Ortho-Bionomy works.
I was and still am on top of the world!!! And I am not saying that because I was in Crested Butte. This work shop was exactly what I needed and I had no idea what the work shop was all about before showing up.

Back in GJ Friday evening and a trail run with the Boy Dog. The sunset was spectacular, we ran with enthusiasm, & the body feels fantastic!! Bring On The Rest Of The Month & Seeking Out The Best Possible Outcome


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