Friday, March 20, 2015

The Day Before I Head West

Almost hard to believe that my two year Ortho-Bionomy program is wrapping up w/my Residential starting this weekend. Its a wonderful feeling knowing that I not only set goals but have managed physically and financially to accomplish these task at hand. I don't even feel as if "Where did the time go?"

Weight training has been awesome!! Cross Roads Gym downtown has these handy little tracking cards to fill out and help remind what weights, seat placements, exercises, sets, reps, etc and I filled mine out just after my December's Ortho classes. Obviously I knew my weight numbers would increase because I started with very low weights and concentrated on proper form and minimum of 15 reps per attempt. So by the 1st week of March I added weight to all of my "routine" per day and then just this week I added about 5- 15lbs to those numbers just to see how my body would respond. I was totally stoked because I only really experienced soreness in my triceps. Shoulders, back, bi, chest, & legs all felt it but didn't feel worked. Does that even make sense???
My water intake during my workouts have exploded immensely!!! Thats a good thing!! But running out of h2o is a bad thing!! That only happened on Monday and was quickly resolved. Kidneys are happy again.
The resort that is hosting our Residential was a workout room, no pool, no cell, but has WiFi. We will be outside ( just east ) of Moab Ut so I am taking along the Yeti 575!!! Oh Baby!! So my plan is to take advantage of the weight room there and stick with my morning calisthenics and stretching.
Shadow Boy & I are back on 2-a-days and he has been loving it. Some evenings I just haven't wanted to go but he gives me that look like OH PLEASE!! CAN WE PLEASE?!?!?! And I give in and we have a great time. Love That Boy Dog!!! My hips are rotating much smoother and my cadence has been improving. I find that when I am "daydreaming" I am exhaling my breath on my right foot strike. Then I bring back my game and focus up. Pretty cool.

Working World: 
Started working for Mr Dave at the old Letterpress last week. This is ONLY temporarily because I am just covering for his vacation time in April. I worked for Mr Dave for about 7 years and understand the language of die cutting and now the shop is supplied with a much higher quality paper which results in a finer running machines. Thats A Bonus!! The work, machines, and environment is all coming back to me rather quickly and Mr Dave was totally stoked.
The down fall….. STANDING ON PHUC-N CONCRETE SUCKS A$$!!!!!! My ankles, knees, and hips totally feel that walking, picking up, etc duties of working in the shop. SIDE NOTE: Shadow Boy comes down the hallway to see me and stops dead in his tracks. His eyes lit up as me smelled the familiar smells of the old shop. Shadow Boy came to me from Roice Hurst at about 3 months old and used to hang out in the shop with me. He knew where I had been for the day and remember the freedom of the chain link fence corralling him in during my shifts. He loved roaming around the big rocked yard while I worked inside with the garage door wide open for him to come and go for a quick drink of water because of all the marking he has to do. Its a Boy Dog moment!!!
Also, my baby soft hands have taken a beating throwing paper again. Meaning, loading the press. Although I have taken proper steps to eliminate injuries over the long haul. Like using the lift to hold the stacks of paper for better ergonomics to load the paper. I have been very conscious about NOT twisting and doing stupid sh*t to my knees or back. These are things I never to take into consideration back in the day. Thats Good!!
I will do a time lapse from inside the shop sometime in April.

Scored another TWO young kids!! One kid about 13ish years old is a wrestler and tweaked himself pretty good. His father called me and gave me his justification why he HATES chiros, doctors,etc but heard that I do this voodoo stuff and wants to try it out. Plus, the referral persuaded him to give it a shot. We had a fantastic session and the boy was stoked. The boy never let his mind resist the Ortho and could track much quicker than I had anticipated. Thats Cool. The other young boy about 9 or 10 has been having shoulder issues. We worked together pretty well but he simply couldn't let his guard down. He trusted me but wanted to lift his arm if I started to work on his shoulder, things like that, they are very normal patterns I see show up in new clients old and young. The break through was when the mom told me about his shots. "Shots?" I asked. Cortisone shots last month. So very casually I asked the boy if he could remember the area where he got his injection. He point to the ac joint and then I left it alone and worked on his knee, feet, and balanced his pelvis. I then came back up to the opposite should and became familiar with how the glenohumeral joint worked in him. What is his ROM?? Then, very lightly, I MEAN VERY LIGHTLY, I went over the injection site and waited for a recoil reflex to show up over that site. And it did!! He totally looked at me with the biggest damn eyes!! No pain but he started crying right then and there. It was the proper release and I was very clam about explaining that its totally ok to cry and that he is safe in doing so. So then mom starts crying. The I started to tear up. She shared that the father doesn't allow this. I didn't share my past but I totally understood where they were coming from. I began to explain to them what Ortho was doing. All I was doing was introducing the relationship of how his body understood the injection. Its Ortho man!! It Works!! My training from broken bones, plates, and screws showed up in this session. PHUC-N BEAUTIFUL!!! The boy stood next to his mom and continued to roll his shoulders PAIN-FREE!! I made it very clear to him and his mother that if his shoulder bothers him to come in and see me. No Shots!! No Judgment!! No Pain!! Promise, I told him. He finally smiled. Kids do that when you reframe from making statements like," You know what you should do?" or " Would you just listen to me?" I really doubt that I will see him again for shoulder pain now that his body has released the trauma form his past experience….. i.e. …. That damn shot!! I can only hope that she will refer my name and Ortho-Bionmoy will continue to work its ways.

I don't have an real goals for this week at my residential. I mean I have issues that I wrote down but I don't know what to think about goals per say. Do I set a running for time goals during lunch??? Do I say that my goal is to use the resorts gym everyday??? Do I give up coffee for the 10 days???
I want to workout, I wanna hike in MOAB, I am very motivated but I just don't think goals are to be made at this time.
Maybe its because I will be without Shadow Boy!! Or…. JUST MAYBE… I should set some unrealistic running goals because I won't be carrying his water AND my water. Think about that…..

And the photo above is for ONE CRAZY PENGUIN!! She commented on my last post about giving the Boy Dog extra scratches from her. So here is he is, full of life, and missed tremendously over the next few upcoming days.

I hope to post from Utah, loads going on in my world, and thanx so much for stopping by. Enjoy the Spring Season, Stay Strong, & Hydrate Often.



  1. Shadow boy!!!!

    Also, that story about the 9/10 year old boy? You have me near tears at work. What a wonderful thing to be able to make such a difference. Really beautiful :)

  2. Yes, Shadow Boy photo 4 you. And Yes, making a difference one child at a time. Hope you are well & happy. Whats the race schedule for ya this year??? Big Hugs

  3. Replies
    1. Its so epic right now…. Hiking up up up today and a trail running near Castle Valley…. Single track riding tomorrow…. Cheers