Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunny Colorado

The Boy Dog In Slow Mo. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that Shadow Boy is 9 years old when he acts like this. This is our routine everyday, twice a day. Shadow Boy DOESNT miss a meal!!!

Shadow cracks me up!!! This is how I found him after our morning trail run on Saturday. Love how that eye is giving the," I will get up if food is the option." I was in and out for most of the day doing chores in the back yard….. INCLUDING WATERING THE TRESS…. I then came in and found him in THIS position!!! Notice the white tip tail up and over the arm rest. Classic

Training: Last week was encouraging for me. All of my lunch breaks were spent at the gym. I only had about 50min of real time at the gym during an 1 1/2 lunch break. I hit each muscle group and kept the breaks very short. My heart rate must of been way high because I could feel my beat throughout my rib cage. Damn, it felt GR8!! I brought over the dumbbells to the lat pull down machine to immediately switch to curls and triceps kick backs. Pretty crazy to bust out three exercises with little rest in between. Sure makes the 60min fly on by but quite rewardingly!! Another burn was the adductor and abductor machine and then mixing in squats on the BOSU Ball. Talk about screaming quads!!!  And those little stabilizer muscles started shaking like a beginning rock climber.

Time Change: I love the time change!! I wish we could just stay on this time!! Any WAY… For the change I had to BBQ on Sunday afternoon. And both dogs loved it!! I fired up the Q at 4pm and the dogs thought it was only 3pm. Lets just say, everyone won!!!

Umphery's McGee: This weekend UM will be in Colorado. Thursday and Friday concerts are at the Belly Up in Aspen CO. But those damn bastards in Aspen think everyone has $$$$ to blow at will. When UM started playing the Belly Up, the tix were like 35 bucks, the 2011 run was fabulous. When the tour was announced I couldn't believe my eyes that the tickets were $65.oo damn dollars. Then find a room for the two night run and parking??? You A-Holes!!! That means that I am making the Salt Lake City run on Saturday to see UM at the Depot for 22 dollars. Thats right!! The room ( Radisson ) is $48 and the $22 dollar tix for the price of just a ticket in Aspen. The Blue Z and I were kicking the idea around of heading up to Aspen Thursday night and seeing if we could pick up a cheap ticket after the show starts. We will see about weather because the higher elevation is looking at snow on Friday and our crazy Colorado weather patterns make it impossible to predict this far out. But I will be stoked to see the boys again and hope that they will play all the radio popular stuff in Aspen and bring out the rock in SLC.

Midnight Racer: Shadow Boy isnt to happy about this but I pulled out all the road bikes from the WINTER shed and added air in the tires. Only the tandem was really low. The Midnight Racer look most excellent!! Dusted her off, added about 60 pounds of air, and the chain was in perfect shape. We will hit 65F by Wed before the "storm" on Thursday/Friday. I will fit in a road ride everyday but its going to be challenging for sure. Will be hitting the gym, moving river rock today and tomorrow for the neighbor lady, and checking in with Mr Dave at the Letterpress. But I have light on my side!!! I wanna ride the road bike because I am way curious what the power output in my legs. I just gotta think I will be stronger and I wonder if I will notice the quick fibers from this winter in the gym. Will the cardiovascular system match the output???

Ortho Classes: Thursday and Friday ended my 9th week of classes and we ended on a high for sure. The last two classes were all about relationships. NOT THAT KIND!! The relationship between the Kidney and the Bladder, Heart and Lungs, Liver and Gallbladder, etc. I worked with a woman from Denver that is very in tune and I experienced my first delayed tracking. We were working with our Vegas Nerve that runs bilaterally out of the base of the skull and ends just below the xiphoid process. I could feel her move through my system but it was like 3-4 seconds behind. She was bringing me back on line, like she says she is under my clavicle, I was still coming down my neck. Sheri told us that its totally common and to keep note of that because we might lead our clients which has its benefits but can also be confusing as well. Totally makes sense to me now because I felt it. I have been calling up Kidneys for awhile now but have never brought in relationships to and from. Its awesome!! The vibrational quality totally changes and I could so tell when I was missing a piece. Meaning, there is a shift when you "finish" or "fall off " the Pericardium Sack around the Heart. That was so cool!!! Sheri address how pleased she is with our progress and expressed how our level of practice is soaring along. She covered more of what to expect during the Residual coming up in about two weeks and how we will be deepening out skill level. Cant Wait!! Another break through was the referred pain zones in the body. Such as, the upper right shoulder is linked to Liver and Gallbladder with a Pancreas thrown in. I have had clients before that have shoulder issues and we have worked neuromuscular routines and Ortho but never thought about balancing organs. How Cool Is That!!! What Else Is Possible    

Last but not least…. CONGRATS PACKERS FANS…. I am not a G Bay Fan…. But I love to hear about players taking a pay cut to stay in town…. All of those years of holding my breath knowing that the late Tony Gwynn could sign a MEGA deal but never did and stayed with the Padres…. Randall Cobb could have signed BIG $$$$ with the Raiders but chose to stay with Rodgers and the Cheese Heads in Lambeau…… Thanx Cobb…. I will keep in eye on you guys this year

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