Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Vegas Count Down…. T Minus 3 Days

Shadow Boy & I will be pounding out the miles over the next few days. Actually, the training has been totally rocking!! Lets get into it then. The gym has been so epic the last few weeks. I started out using very light weight and concentrating on slow and controlled movements. Then, I found the Roto-Tecno-Machines. Thats my name for them anyway. What I really like about them is that they have a small read out screen that tracks the range of motion and counts the reps. Both of these totally work for me because this causes me to slow down and control the weight without remembering if that was number 11 or 13. Yesterday I increased the weight on all the machines but still doing 3 sets of 15 reps. I also have increased the weight on the Abductor and Adductor machines which burn my gluts!!! Literally burned my glut minimus in a good way. I have been playing with my strides, position, and pelvis over the past few months and in hopes that a stronger pelvis and core will aide my stride come August. Plus, I just really dig the downtown location because its so small and pretty much empty during the hours of 9am-noon.

And every morning I have been working with my core and then found this book at a garage sale. Love it when that happens!! So I just open up to what ever page and do those exercises at a very slow and gut burning pace. Plus, I am relocating my diaphragm after almost puking it up.

I am so damn excited about this Friday and road tripping on down to Las Wages!!! The Blue Z, The Dude, and myself will head out around 7am and cruise on over the I-70 and down the I-15. The Dude and I have made this trip countless times for opening weekend of March Madness and know the route very well. We never speed, parts of I-15 are 80mph, and the trip is an easy 7 hours for us. We have a room booked at an off name place behind the MGM Grand for like 40 bucks a night. And yes, the crockpot will be making yet another trip to Vegas. We will be attending two of three nights of the String Cheese Incident at the Brooklyn Bowl. New venue for me. Friday nights theme for us "Cheese Family" is Bowling T-Shirt Night. Our friends did a huge order of bowling shirts on-line and the back is embroidered with Roots Run Deep Tour, the front left pocket has Vegas 2015, and the right front pocket has what ever song you wanted to order. Our smaller group went for all cover tunes!! The Blue Z will have Magic Carpet Ride, The Dude will have Synhronicity, and I have Hot In Herre. The Z and Dude have no idea yet!!! Saturday Nights theme is Lovers, Sinners, and Rainbow Sluts/Sparkle Fest. Oh Boy!!!
My February has been awesome at the office and I have picked up another 4 new clients so far. At the end of January and just before the Super Bowl, an old friend from way back during the Sun Drop Grocery days, reached out about looking for a massage or Chiro for cheap on CrackBook. It was a funny coincidence that the day I checked in on CrackBook I saw his posting. So a long story short is this; he jacked himself up snowboarding but is also unemployed as well. This got me thinking about how many people walk around in pain and not a damn dollar in their pocket. So I did a posting on CrackBook last week that read something like this about how money should get in the way of healing. I added that Wed and Friday of last week would be a day of Ortho for a donation and added my friends story without using his name. This was a huge hit!! Plus, I had a number of comments that were positive and intern brings healing to those that commented weather they are aware of it or not. Both days were filled and a number of folks gave me my full rate, the donations were awesome, and the word of mouth advertising was unreal. Everyone won and a majority of those folk have rescheduled as well. I am telling you, Ortho-Bionomy works wonders!!!

Ol Grandpa Smokey Trying To Get Some Shut Eye Around Here
Radio Show:
 I have a radio show this Thursday the 12th of February at 6:30pm MST. I am pretty stoked about it as I have already downloaded a show from Spearhead and Pink Talking Phish. Both shows are live and should be entertaining. And it will be the night before VEGAS!!!! Might even throw in a mix of reggae beats and a Cheese cover tune. Like maybe Melissa from the Allman Brothers or Riders on the Storm by The Doors or Going Up The Country by Canned Heat. We shall see how it comes together. Feel free to stream live at www dot kafmradio dot org

Commuter Bike: With all the trips to the office, gym, and general errands around town I had another 100 mile week. Cant believe how those miles add up and if you had asked me how many miles I do a week….. I would have said something like 30 - 50 miles tops. My quads feel GR8 and I almost feel powerful again. And the weather out here has been horribly wonderful. That means that 67F in Feb totally sucks if you are a farmer. We have lost ALL of our local apricots the past 3 years. It never fails that we drop below 26F at some point in late March after a warm February. Sad to say that I even broke out the hose and dripped all the trees out back on Sunday as it was over 60F for well over 4 hours and not a cloud in the sky. Its tough for me to keep my mouth shut when I hear folks say things like " I hate winter" " Hope this warm weather never leaves" and my favorite is " Wish the temp would stay just like this"

I Say," Think Snow Damn It!!"  
Shadow Boy and I are no flipping where near done snowshoeing this year and our Mighty Colorado River isn't so damn mighty these days. Heads up California…. You think that your drought has been bad…. Just wait until the Colorado drys up near the AZ/CA border.

The Boy Dog crashed out on my arm after a trail run Sunday. He says he was only resting his eyes and is totally ready when I am. I don't know why I am fighting it but I have yet to break out the Yeti 575 and ride some single track?!?!?!  I know the verity would be beneficial but I just haven't pulled that trigger. Plus, Shadow Boy thinks trail running with him is the BETTER choice here.

Shadow Boy, I Love You With All My Heart

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