Monday, February 23, 2015

February Went Where

Pretty stoked about this time lapse video. Gary Wright's Dream Weaver remixed as a sound bed. Click on HD and go FULL SCREEN!!!

SNOWSHOEING: The Boy Dog and I have been rocking the snowshoeing adventures lately. We are burning the cardiovascular system up, shredding the quads, and enjoying the snow. Fresh snow started falling here in GJ,CO on late Sunday and left us with about a full inch on the ground. Maybe a bit more on the vegetation. Our local ski resort scored a much needed 8 inches last night and more is expected. And its been a wet snow which is beyond GR8 and needed!! Sure would love to hit up Crested Butte this Sunday.

He Just Loves Laying Down

TRAINING: The gym has been awesome during this month of Feb. I have increased the weight on almost all of my exercises and feel much better about controlling free weights. Added a new routine that I thought would be soooo damn easy but NOOOOO. The front desk gal Molly Jo, we have had a long history from Cross Roads only, turned me onto the BOSU Ball. She told me to try lunges using the BOSU and so I did. Let me tell you, talk about coordination skills??? My left foot wobbles like a crazy Parkinson's is setting in. I don't mean to make fun of anyone, JUST MYSELF here!!! Working with the BOSU is awesome but not as easy as I had anticipated. Yes, took me out of my comfort zone. Molly Jo also gave me a bunch of ideas today regarding quads and core work. Cross Roads provides a schedule card that I use for journaling my progress and the back of the cards has dates, goals, etc and Molly Jo saw me writing down some goals for March. Thanx Molly JO
Still walking the Boy Dog on our no excuse loop and able to hold a plank much longer. Totally dig the Perfect Push Up handles. I can plank and do push ups without killing my wrist. Been working on my Serratus Anterior muscles by slowly forcing my humerus down and contracting for a 3 count. Some of my push ups are about a 70 degree bend and not the full 90 at the elbow. I can do these slower and pain free and I can do 50 reps now. I am just at a point were my body is feeling stronger and less unstable or cautious. Like my gluts don't crap up when I am on my 3rd set of adductors anymore with the same 60lbs. I am looking forward to timing a mile over at Stoker Stadium the first week of March and testing out the new legs.

RADIO SHOW: Radio Shows have been over the top exciting and the on-line listeners have been hitting double digits. PHUC YEAH!!! I was subbing last Thursday night and topped out at 14 folks streaming on-line. I had a pretty good show and was basically reliving our Vegas trip. I played an audience recording from the first night and highlighted some of my key highlights. All night was live shows by String Cheese, Hot Buttered Run, Yonder Mountain String Band, and John Cowan playing with Sam Bush live. This Wed night I am covering for Changing Gears and I am thinking about an LP show???? Pulling out some vinyl on a late night show???? Any request???

Moons Of Jupiter Just Because 

OSCAR NIGHT: I only bring this up because at some point during the PRE show there was an advertisement about selfies. I believe that the news station was making a claim that we have gone to far with selfies??? I have no idea what the hell they mean by this. Haven't we been taking these for many many moons now??? I think I still have some old 8mm video from the late 70's were I would turn the camera back towards me and my brother. I have a ton of regular 35mm film with my big head in the photo. Shots from Australia, The UK, sporting events, and I gotta think I have a disney selfie or two. If you have more info about the "health" of the selfie craze, please speak your truth. As for the Oscar Night, always love it!! I really do. The speeches, the formal wear, the music, did anyone catch any of the songs the off-site orchestra was playing when a presenter walked towards the mic??? I heard the Wizard of OZ, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, the way Tim McGraw belted out I Am Not Going To Miss You, and Lady G with her version of the Sound of Music and then Julie Andrews walks out?!?!!? That was flipping awesome in my world. I don't care if it takes 3 hours because its only but once a year for me that I pay any attention to award shows. I really only think I have these two complaints….. #1) I haven't seen any of the nominated Best Movie #2) Reese Witherspoon didn't win. Absolutely nothing against Juilanne Moore.

Copy Paste For Spelling Reasons 

CLIENTS: Clients have been keeping me busy this month. I say that with a huge grin. One client came in with an upper trap thing going on. I was working shoulder points, releasing the scapula, a number of neck positions but was getting anywhere. Ready of this??? Once I worked on his 1st rib, the second rib moved, collar bone went back easily, and that whole functional until of the shoulder calmed down. No more pain!!! Score!! So thats what I mean by "keeping me busy" and exploring their movements better. Had a new client last weekend that didn't have any pains, her boyfriend was in earlier that week, but couldn't explain what I do or did or what is Ortho-Bionomy. SO her and I worked her legs together and we had all kinds of bones fall back into place. She is one of the few clients that anticipates a shift before myself or together when we BOTH at the same time have that big eyes look at each other. Its really cool for me to connect like that. And all i was really doing was holding her fibula and gently finding its preferred home when her femur and tibia clunked into place. And of coarse she says," That knee has been bothering me." No pain when she got up and walked around. Love that. Love Ortho

Some Days Are Just That Way 

GOALS: Ending week of Feb…. Can it really be….. Tuesday is an early meeting with a new group called Business International Network. I was invited but not sure whats for real here. I understand this networking group to be a simple idea of setting people up with the right people that they might need at this time. Thats kinda how I understand it so I am not going to judge and find out tomorrow. Then cleaning at the down town gym and then a back and bicep workout. Off to the office for my 1st client at 12:30pm. Wed RADIO SHOW. Not a goal but thats WED beside for gym and clean at the airport location. Thursday is a lunch with MAD Racing's Director. Fridays goal looks to be a road ride, receiving an Ortho session, and hopefully a swim. Saturday will start with a swim and then an all day at the office and it just occurred to me that I didn't write the usual CORE WORK as a goal?!!?!? This means I am taking them for granted. WoW, thats good, crazy, and I better start paying attention to my planks as NOT to jack myself up. NUMBER ONE GOAL, warm up and cool down properly. Yes

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