Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last Day Of February

Gr8 way to end the month, snowing, road trip, clients, and weight lifting. Crushed my goals, core workouts in the AM, excellent radio show, and added miles to the commute.

Driving Into The Storm  

March starts Week #9 of 10 towards my two year practitioners training. WoW, week 9!!! Monday starts off with some advanced pelvis work and Thursday starts our advance organ work. Should be a sweet week and I will be blogging my work in the evenings.

Lands End Peak Covered In Freshies 
Picked up two new clients this month. One guy that I may not see again but a lady that was super stoked with the work. She had a knee situation and was quite pleased with my work. And all I really did was repositioned her leg to her preferred position and allowed her proprioceptors take over. Her neck relaxed, her spine adjusted itself, and she paid me really well. We all won this month. I had some work done on me yesterday by Sara and we talked a lot about our upcoming residential in Moab UT.

Just Missed The Elk As I Took The Photo To Damn Soon

Just Couldn't Reset Fast Enough

And damn was the commuter bike on fire this week!!! First week was an easy week at 105 miles, week two hit 123 miles, week 3 was only 89 miles as the snow hindered me a bit, and this last week of Feb was 107 miles. That means the Old Cannondale hit 424 miles for the month of Feb. SCORE!!

And Back To The Big City

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