Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Them Padres

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Sesame Street

Joe Raposo Nov 10,1969 


This here situation in 2022 is Un Flipping Believable. 

The Dude hit the golden age of AARP status and we discovered the option to cut our phone bill by half. Yes, by half!! My allegiance with AT&T since 2005 ended and religiously paid our bill on time every month. For some reason AT&T couldn't explain to me why our month bill had reach $80 a month per line.

So T Mobile claimed every promise under the moon until the "Oh By The Way" charge was casually thrown into the conversation. So that pissed me off but we are all at the mercy of these A$$Holes. The Dude & I agreed to move forward with this transaction as we are clearly saving money in the long run here. Still, Sh*tty charge and even Sh*ttyer business tactics. But we all know that this is simply the new world order. 

Our SIM cards are in our old dinosaur phones and guess what???? AT&T for absolutely NO Phuc-N Reason LOCKED OUR PHONES!! AT&T did this because they are dickheads. AT&T went through the list of reasons why and I never qualified for any of the accusations. #1 Do you owe $$$ on your phone #2 Have you had service with AT&T for at least 6 months before breaking the contract #3 Do you have an unpaid bill #4 Welcome to first world problems you can't control. Total BS

Can you believe that in 2022 our phones were locked out for 68 hours?? Have you ever had a phone company lock your phone?? Have you ever waited for an email from a provider with your unlocking code?? If you left AT&T you have.


The fact that the Sand Diego Padres beat Smell A made my year. Every TV analyst picked Smell A over The Padres and I smile with satisfaction. The Smell A Dodgers can take their 111 Season Wins and shove it. The Padres were only a few games above .500 this season and are moving on up. Mind Is Still Blown 


Friday night bike night went over the top this week. No, I actually went over the top with Friday Night Bike Night. I originally had zero intent of participating in the 90's theme and The Dude was on a river trip. Next thing I know, a curry chicken with veggies and wild rice is in motion when the text comes through. The Dude was in Loma, heading home to shower, and on for Bike Night. Oh Baby 

Next thing I knew, full belly of goodness, few Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA's , The Blue Z arrives while I am stringing lights on my beach cruiser. The Dude announces that he is going grunge. I'm pulling out the totes of wings and the costumes start fly around the tribe. Everyone is finally hip to the skip and are actually putting in some thought into their outfits and lights. Sh*T Fire 


The Wolfman called during a beautiful Colorado bluebird day while I was on a bike ride. I politely declined his generous offer the first time round. He went on to explain his position and displeasure with staff and I quickly agreed to help him out. U Bet

So thankful that I stepped up to the plate!! I stirred up an absolute blast of a show!! Here is the LINK TO THE SHOW and it is a valid link for about two weeks from the 15th. This link starts with STORIES program 12:01:03, then an ad, and then at 12:04:11 I personally lit the station on fire! Ready for this?? I opened the show with Maverick's Test Run from Top Gun 2022. Danger Zone

This verity show is peppered with 1970's B-Side Classic Rock, 1920's & 30's Halloween Songs, 4 music related trivia questions, 9 LP's on the turntable, Black Sabbath Lullabies, and a few tasty hidden gems. Like a quick clip from a Jerry Seinfeld stand up monologue. After my last rant, numerous songs carried merit. I'm telling you, clink the link and have a listen because its a fantastic show. I mean, just the older Halloween tunes are worthy of a listen. Feel Good Tunes 

I brought up the Top Gun opening sequence because of a caller. When I offered up the trivia questions the first time around, a random guy Jay called in to answer one of the questions correctly and then enthusiastically shared with me that he just watched the new Top Gun on the big screen last week. He went on with how was able to visualize the screen I was airing over the KAFM Airwaves. How Cool Was That


You wanna talk about a hand full the past two weeks. I am watching three medium sized dogs while their human travels around France. Hand full is an understatement but manageable. The neighbors right across the street asked me to watch their three little dog while they jet over to Fort Collins for a college tailgate festival and football game. You Got It, 6 Dogs!!! 

One cool little moment in time was out back watering while listening to a high school football game. The house is butted up against Stoker Stadium and almost an unblocked straight shot to Los Colonias Amphitheater. Anyway, the high school machining band during halftime was pretty whipping to listen to. Los C has hosted a few ridiculously loud concerts as I can hear the lyrics and I am over a mile away from the place. 

Nelly played a show and pulled out all of his old songs. I rode my bike down to that show and hung around outside. A country western band played last Thursday and I couldn't believe how clear it was for hanging 2 miles away. Just me and the dogs, listening to random tunes, burning some sh*t, and relaxing with a few cold ones. Dynamic 

But hey, I am still enjoying walking dogs, fixing things around their houses, and watching MLB when available to do so. Smelling the aroma of a backyard BBQ, walking in the park under darkness, and listening to random bands as they make their way through the valley. Righteous 


Moving around and out and about and all that jazz. Shared a delightful ride with Little K the other day and rode further than anticipated due to the endless banter back and forth. Plus, with these ideal Colorado temperatures, come on!!! 

Once in a great while, burn the quads while celebrating my youth. Nothing Too Flashy 

A majority of my rides are commuter based rides and Bike Night. Have only stretched out the legs a few times this month with longer distance rides. Time is a bugger! But as long as the car is parked, I'm cool with that. Totally Cool

Our friend Noel shot this about photo of The Dude and I during Bike Night two weeks ago. Last Friday's Theme was Tye Dye and everyone has a Tye Dye shirt hanging in their closet. What a turn out!! I don't know the official count but well over 150 riders for sure. About 80% were wearing Tye Dye and a number of folks brought along their dogs as well. Way Cool 

We definitely anticipated a mind bending experience and the excitement met the execution. Such A Fabulous Group 

Below is our tribe ( L-R The Blue Z, Me, & The Dude ) treating Main Street like a modern day Tuesday in Vegas. We were roaming around, socializing with folks, and openly drinking brews concealed in our huggies. It has been a few really good weeks for me. 


The highlight of my week...

Above is the Brocchi's Cluster and below is the Dumbbell Nebula

Below is the Eagle Nebula

Below here is the Great Pegasus Cluster

Below is the Ring Nebula

Above is the Stephans Quintet and below would be the Veil Nebula

The professor of Astronomy over a CUM hosted a viewing night there on the Quad of the main campus. The Dude & I carried over The Blue Z's telescope for an added bonus. His older telescope was the most powerful out of all the telescopes on display. My highlight for sure was simply observing 18, 19, 20 year old students navigating themselves around a telescope for the first time. A newbie student would approach, I would have them look through the spotting scope first to orient their eyes, then gander a look through the eyepiece, they ritually stated that they couldn't quite see, and then their whole body would react when they notice Saturn for the first time. Then, as that image worked through their little sponge like minds, I asked them if they could pick out that little dot of light reflecting back just below Saturn. That would be the Moon Titan of Saturn. WoW!!!!! Then we would view Jupiter and FOUR of its moons on display. LIKE WOW


  1. Talk With Inspiration 
  2. Ride Like The Wind , Even In A Headwind 
  3. Appreciate The Smaller Things 
  4. Vivid Captures Of Nature 
  5. Except What I Am Unable To Control
  6. Love
  7. Spend Time With Those That Matter 

Here's To Another Magical Day On This Planet,



  1. ...damn things looks pretty out there!

    1. Stunningly Gorgeous And It Snowed All Night Last Night


  2. Sounds like you found lots of fun things to do. Glad the Dboys went home, never liked them. Padres all the way, baby!!!

    1. Smell A Blows - That Was My World Series For Sure - Couldn't Be Happier


  3. ATT is the worst! But then again, I don't know of any phone company that's much better than them.
    6 doggies!? That's a lot! But good company, I am sure.
    The bike night sounds so fun. I wish we had something like that around here.
    The sky is absolutely incredible out there. I'll be visiting my daughter in Colorado for Thanksgiving this year. I hope the sky looks that beautiful while we're there.

    Have a great week!

    1. Totally The Worst And Have Proved It Over And Over - 6 Happy And Hungry Dogs And Loads Of Doggie Photos - Allow Yourself To Create A Bike Night This Spring - Stoked For Your Turkey Day Plans

      Big Hugs T

  4. Dearest Travis,
    Oh, how we all are forced to swallow some nasty stuff—created by the NWO and what can we do?!
    BUT regardless the unprofessional and rude treatment, you sound rather upbeat; compared to your previous post!
    HAPPY for you!
    Hah, that's where the name Padre comes from. Well, both—Pieter and I, are illiterate if you talk about football teams or any sport teams in the USA.
    We watched soccer before we came here in 1983—on this side of the Atlantic it did NOT YET exist... Haha, so we dropped it all and I must say, with all our travel for work—there was not much that we actually could follow. And juggling seven languages + biking...🚲 pretty much takes up our time.
    But you enjoy it.
    LOVE your goal points—well thought out and valuable with high morals!

    1. Travel On My Friends - Yup, That Is Where It Came From - Still Dealing With The Previous Post And The Station Has Spiraled Downhill Since My Last Update - Juggling Seven Languages Keeps The Brain Active And Happy - Well Done - Thanx For Checking As You Always Do


  5. Three dogs and then three more to look after. Wow. The star photos are amazing. Your skies must be very clear. Busy life by the sound of it. Good.

    1. Puppy Love They Call It - Fast Paced - Full Speed Ahead


  6. A lot of laughs and fun you have had there in the photos. The dogs are looking great as are all your photos...

    1. So Many Laughs - Thanx So Much For Always Checking In


  7. Well, let me ask Elmo and Blanket, they sit right here in the living room! ;-)

    Great cloud-pic!
    Yes. Phone. I pay... well not even every months, they say they cannot charge me under €1. I usually have 35 cents. They hate me.
    Downside: I have a phone like a retiree. Get stupid looks in public, but who cares!
    It can not get online, HA-HA! (I do have a smartphone on WiFi).

    Sounds like fun after all out there! Good!

    Your gear ther elooks... complicated. I rememebr the olden days where .. .oh, forget about that.

    That music sure sounds.... WOW, I will sneak in (our internet is not the best=.

    6 dogs?! Oh, my! I think this concept of pet and house-watching has not reached Germany yet (or not me).
    My bike sits in my back. It´s too cold to take it outside...

    Big WOW to the sky. My Dad would´ve loved that! It reminds me of Outback Australia, too. Here we have too much light-pollution.

    #5... yes. And all others.

    Cheers and to another great week (half way through already!!!!)

    1. Amazing Clouds Around Here - You Are So Dynamic - Would Enjoy Chatting With You Both Some Day On Your Soil - October Was A Fantastic Month - Sending Positive Vibes Your Way


  8. Wow is right, four moons of Saturn! Incredible!

    Telephone companies here charge ridiculous prices! So little competition!

    Six dogs! One can be a challenge, but six? Wow!

    1. Actually, and not making fun , One Moon Of Saturn And Four Moons Of Jupiter - AT&T SUCKS - 6 Happy Dogs And Very Busy Paws - I Throughly Enjoyed It


  9. Buen reportaje. Tus imágenes tienen una gran simpatía.

    1. Que mensagem deliciosa - Você acabou de fazer meu coração sorrir - Obrigado


  10. Hey Padre, I listened to your voice, quite different as I imagined it bit perfectly in tone with your warm and caring soul. Taking care of 6 dogs is not only proof of all the above but also proof of a great gift of patience. I believe that is also noticeable in your choice of sharing wonderful landscapes while talking about the trouble you had with your phone company. Must say, phone companies are litigious and nasty all over the world...
    Keep the kind, positive and sharing spirit! Stay well my friend!

    1. Thanx For Streaming - Such Beautiful Words You Share - You Have Inspired Me

      Big Hugs

  11. Great Hallowe’en costumes. A gateway to fun by the look of it.

    Living near a concert site can be a bonus. We heard Bon Jovi at a nearby concert though we didn’t see them.

    Six dogs must be a handful. On the way out of the voting place today, we passed a man walking four dogs. They were a handful to say the least.

    I can only imagine the thrill to see such amazing sights in the night sky. Have a great weekend!

    1. Our Group Themes Have Always Been A Hoot - Now That You Mention It, It Was A Gateway - Good On You - I Also Have A Bon Jovi Story For Ya - Borderline Over Whelming But Manageable Because They Are Dogs After All - Four Dogs On A Lead Sounds Terrible - I Find Myself Starring Up All The Time - Day Or Night - Looking Forward To The Weekend