Thursday, November 15, 2018

September Came And Went, October Hurt, & Turkey Day Is Closing In

Capped of the month of September with a sweet ride on some gorgeous single track outside of the postcard perfect Moab Utah.

The more popular area in Moab for mountain biking is Slick Rock. I had no idea about the Klondike Trail System north of the airport. Talk about radicle and super fast. The Dino-Flow is a MUST!! And its an excellent play on words. Dino = Dinosurs and Flow = Flowing Along With A Big Ol Smile.

Klishy mentioned that we should ride these trails and we knew we only had about an two hours of good light. We checked out the map and came up with a plan. Klishy is a gifted athlete so even though I say we rode the trials together, we never rode together. He always has to wait for me at different intersections or when he knows that I am way behind. Its why I appreciate riding "with" him.

The signage is absolutely brilliant and we could clearly see that a lot of time and effort has been spent on this network of trails. No way could you ever become lost, milage for every section, and tons of options for the locals who ride these trails everyday. And it was the little things that made the difference. Such As, they defined the single track with rocks going into turns and/or straightway through drainage areas.

Moab even painted a BoB Ross Sunset for us. There is something to be said about sunsets in the desert. 

Now for the dismal numbers from September. I am trying to keep in mind that I took 5 full days off during the month. I let Shadow Boy go on the first day of Fall. August also produced some excellent destracting numbers and I knew that I mentally would not be able to complete with those numbers this month.

So after 50 hours for August, looks like 30's are the constant or consistency of Septmeber. No running miles recorded and I am totally OK with that. The Boy Dog was sleeping about 18 hours a day I didn't want him to smell me after a trail run when he wasn't up for it. Thats So Not Fair.

Totals for the month are as follows
30 Days in the Month
37 Hours on the bike
31 Activities 
30 Personal Records
451 Miles

Its occured to me that I will need to investigate Strava a weeeeee bit more. I say this because I will be uploading commuter miles, road bike miles, and mountain bike miles in 2019. Or if any of you have some insight that you would be willing to share with me, comment below. Thanx in Advance!!

Thanx For Checking In And I Was Extremely Touched By All Of The Comments And Condolences From You Fine Folks.  You Can Stop Reading At This Point Because Everything Below Is Just For Me.

When Sadie Girl passed away, I was sad for awhile but I had The Boy Dog to comfort me and keep me moving forward. When I put Ol Gramps down, it was totally his time, I had The Boy Dog to comfort me and keep me moving forward.

I Planted This Memorial Tree In Honor Of Shadow Boy

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and The Boy Dog always scored an outfit. He loved dressing up and roaming through neighborhoods with me. He loved the little kids and was always so damn gentle with kids in costumes. Remember, he was just shy of 100 pounds those last few years.

Night Time Cyclocross Race Outfit 

But this Halloween was one of the emptiest nights of my life. I was nearly holding myself together earlier at the gym and a segment of the news popped up with 'keeping your pets safe' and that was the final straw. I just couldn't keep from crying all day long. It Phuc-N Sucked

L to R - The Dude, Baby Daddy, H Bird, & Me 

My Niece wanted to host a Robot Halloween and then we would Trick-or-Treat from there. I knew I had to rally but I was not enthusiastic what so ever. Not saying that I was a party pooper but I just didn't have the extra gear of motivation.

Baby Daddy looked GREAT and Iris was dressed as a power pack. CLASSIC !! H Bird hand panted they three outfits and The Dude made his glow-n-the-Dark. We definitely scored on the neighborhood as it was a series of cud-de-sacs. Tons of kids and the ENTIRE neighborhood participated and decked out their homes. VERY IMPRESSIVE

Amazing Decorations These Days

Overall, it WAS nice being around family. But not having Shadow Boy by my side makes me even tear up right now. I miss him like you wouldn't believe. The other day while I was making dinner, I am a sloppy cook, a carrot flipped off the cutting board and I called out for him without even thinking about it. He loved ground scores. Once Again, I Cried Myself To Sleep That Night

Starva sent me a lovely October update. That whole colorful updated e-mail pointed out that I was 542 miles lower than September, 114,00 less vertical gain, 191 miles less running, and only recorded 2 PR's in October. So I Got That Going For Me

Cyclocross Race in New Castle Colorado

I still ride to the office, still lifting weights between 3 and 6 days a week, & still struggling with daily routines without The Boy Dog. Then, just when I didn't think that it could get any worse, my old 2011 MacBook Pro died and I lost all videos and photos of Shadow. Lost ALL My Data, I can deal with losing my music, but losing all of those Boy Dog memories was the icing on the Phuc-N cake. For the month of October, I asked myself this a lot, " What's The Point"
I am not suicidal but I haven't been this unhappy in all of my life. I completely dropped off CrackBook, I haven't created any Youtube content, & this is my first blog update. The craziest part of that is the fact that nobody really even noticed. Nobody, I Mean NoBODY has reached out and asked where I have been.
Thats not a poor me or a dig on anyone. Its just an observation of mine and justifies why its pretty damn easy to pass on social media. If you are not traveling, setting records, or posting cute puppy shots, again, who cares??
Regardless, I am going to use this particular platform as my personal journal. I have races coming up in 2019, I also have travel plans in 2019, & I am finally looking forward to spending New years Eve with The String Cheese Incident.
I have a lot to be thankful for.
I know that I am loved.
I know that this is all part of the process.
I know things happen for a reason.
I am suppose to be getting stronger but its the fact that plans aren't as exciting without The Boy Dog

I thank all of you for stopping by and I really appreciate all of you other bloggers. You have continued to inspire me even though you have no idea that you are doing so.



  1. I missed you! I should have commented on an old blog post. I know you are going through your own personal hell. I can't imagine losing two pups in such a short time, I was wrecked enough when it wasn't two years after Gizzy passed Gus passed, we were sort of on a 2 year cycle with dog loss. Hugs. I'm sorry.

    Strava's stats Email used to make me cry, I just delete it and don't give it a second thought...

    If you are looking how to classify your rides, there are the two options race or workout and then commute or ride. It would be nice if you could classify by road / gravel / single track, alas, no. But you can differentiate between ride and commute so it's a start? You can also use the title to classify and then go in "My activities" and search on the word you use as meta data. Sorry I got a little geeky there.

    Sorry about no Jax pictures. I have some for next week.

    1. Many Thanx Beth!!
      I will scroll through the "activities" drop down. Excellent Advice & Much Appreciated. Will Be Looking Forward To The Jax Photos.


  2. Very sorry to hear of your loss. Can imagine how heart wrenching it can be.
    Glad that you have got yourself together and planned to keep your body and mind occupied! Best wishes!

    1. Thanx For Your Condolences Magic. Sure Have Enjoyed Your Photos!!


  3. dude ... georgezack@ the gmail thing. Reach out, we can exchange numbers and chat. Anytime man.

    1. Many Thanx Brother And Will Take You Up On That. I really enjoy reading up on you. Proud Of YOU!! You have an amazing family, I enjoy your photos from traveling, & You always seem to have an adventure up your sleeve. Well Done!!


  4. Oh believe me you have been missed Padre. Just yesterday I was wondering how you were doing, I think we were giving you that space to grieve. Sounds like you've been to hell and back this last month, is there nothing that can be done to restore your pics of Boy Dog, technical people can work miracles these days. I absolutely do know how hard it is when you lose a pal like that.. I think Boy Dog would be very happy if, when you're ready, you went along to see if you could rescue another four legged friend and give it a loving home. Sending hugs from Perth and looking forward to hearing your stats for this month ✨

    1. Hello Perth,
      I know you think of me often. I wasn't uploading this update with the intend of poor me. And all of that info wasn't really targeted here on this blog towards other readers. It was more about my personal life and my circle of friends.
      I definitely agree with you that these "bloggers" could have been giving me space. At the same time, I understand that some of us really don't want to read about our pets final moments. So believe me when I say that I did not expect a wheel barrow of out pouring support on this particular platform of social media. I wasn't festering over numbers or comments or who's who here on this blog. I just simply stopped ALL social media.
      As for my old hard drive, there are companies that are happy to charge an arm & a leg to pull data off of HD's. Yes, Shadow Bog would expect me to allow another dog to pick me as their Human. No Doubt In My Mind Of That. However, I am so lucky to live in Colorado as everyone has a dog OR a Subaru.
      I am personally not ready to receive that guilty look. You Know, that look of disappointment when leaving them behind. And I Get It!! I Sympathize With Them!!
      Perth, I Really Do Appreciate Your Words!! I Enjoy Your Content!! You Do Make The World A Better Place.
      Much Love

  5. Thanks Padre, I know you weren't worried about number of comments, I never do either, just appreciate when people do take the time 😀 You are lucky to be surrounded by good friends, even more so that many of them have furry family also 🐕 have a good week ✨

  6. I just found you... so I don't know all the history. But I love dogs like you do so I understand how much you're hurting. I've been there. Hang in there - it does get better.

    I mountain bike every day with my dog... and it's been a succession of dogs as one passes and another joins me over the past many years. I love each of them unbelievably much so I get your loss to at least some small extent.

    1. Hello KB Bear,
      Welcome To WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE. Shadow Boy was a Karelian Bear Dog and never missed a meal.
      Thanx for chiming in and looking forward to having you follow alone. Will be checking out your blog as well.