Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Pressure Gradients In Motion In The Wrong Direction

Where has September gone?? I mean, its been great. BUT DAMN IT

When I am complaining, explaining, or retelling my headwind BOTH directions to someone, I can immediately read them as a cyclist or not. Not that I am looking for validation or anything. Its more of a conversational piece at the gym or office or something. Like JJJ so eloquently said," We all need validation every now and again."

The wind was clearly out of the south all morning. I talked myself into a road ride with the "treat" of sailing back. So I hammered all the way out to Palisade, via farm lands, payed dearly on my return trip along the river.

I cracked 300 miles for the month and that accomplishment keeps me on the 300+ every month for 2018 goal. So I got that going for me. I'm also at 25 hours and 25 personal records??? Must be from exploring new trails options. These numbers are based on 20 activities. Obviously the activities are way down without the No Excuse Loop with the Boy Dog added to the equation. We walk too slow for the Garmin to track us these days.

Then, for a real attitude ajuster, I left the office and went for a "quick" spin. No more than 5 miles into it, BAM!! Damn Near Launched Off My Bike. Mother Nature Is Pissed. Two Hours of 40+ MPH Blasts!!

Stay Strong, Keep Yourself Hydrated, & Look Sharp


  1. Wow! The Yeti captured! Lovely video! Cheers!

    1. Brilliant Magiceye!! Thanx For Checking In.


  2. Enjoyed the video very much Padre, you make cycling look so enjoyable not at all as tricky as it really is 😀 So happy to see Boy Dog hanging in there, bet he loves those slow walks with you! Take care of both of you ✨