Sunday, December 10, 2017

The ButtCracker

A vegetable stew simmered on the stove top while the wild rice finished absorbing some H20. The night became even richer when AJ offered The Dude and I a Gin Martini. One Sword, Two Jalapeño Stuffed Olives, and now The Nutcracker is looking a little more intriguing. 

Professional performers from Boston were flown in to present an "Off-Broadway" adaptation of the Nutcracker. Regardless, I was stoked!!! The wardrobes were elegant and the dancers told a beautiful story without ever speaking a peep. I am always amazed by how the orchestra pit brings life to the stage. Not life but depth. 

We were offered the privileged to walk up on stage afterwards for a meet and greet with photo opportunities. Of course I left like a giant standing next to some of these dancers. 

There were two ballerinas in particular that I searched for because I wanted to complement them for the softness of their foot work. This means that a number of times the "tapping" of the shoes were louder than the orchestra but these two gals were light, graceful, and seemed to really appreciate my positive feed back. Or they were just being extremely polite.

I will say that walking around the big stage was a real treat for me. In my world of make believe, I felt as if I was part of the cast. I probably had a bigger smile than the performers. Maybe it was the martini kicking in??

Above is the BEFORE photo. MAD Racing is hosting their last cyclocross race of 2017 this Saturday. BELOW is Klishy smoothing off the stump with his chainsaw.

BELOW is the final look. The fast line is hitting the jump off the stump and straight lining it under the fallen tree. This course is going to be BEYOND radicle and I can't wait. HERE is a link to a sweet article in Sundays paper about the last event and promoting the next race. 

Notice all of the out of town racers with comments about coming to GJ to race. Pretty Cool. The photos in that article paint a killer story as well.

And Now ..... A Montage Of The Boy Dog!!! I was cleaning out the hard drive and found a number of old videos and time lapse clips. So I threw together a quick best of The Boy Dog Sleeping. Hope Ya Dig.

Stay Strong,


  1. Oh I love that kind of eye roll sleeping dogs do when they're dreaming. 😀😀 He's such a sweetie! The Nutcracker is fantastic, always good to see around this time of the year, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, I've always loved it.

    1. He Loves Sleeping ALMOST As Much As Eating

      Big Hugs Perth

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    1. Your Photos Are Beautiful & Thanx For Stopping By